Chapter Four

Lucy met Violet in the dressing room, and frantically began packing her bag.

"What are you doing?!" Violet cried, "you've got another act near the end!"

"I'm not doing it," Lucy replied, "I'm leaving, and you're coming with me."

"WHAT??? You are not in charge here!"

"Wanna bet?" Lucy said, as closed her bag.  "I have something to tell you." Violet nodded, waiting for Lucy to talk.  "NOT HERE!" she said, then she grabbed Violet and pulled her out of the tent.


Once outside the girls darted into the shadows. 

"What are you doing?!" Violet cried, yanking her arm away.  Lucy shushed her, then grabbed her arm and dragged her to an empty tent. 

"I'm the missing princess," Lucy said.  Violet shook her head. She hadn't been to this city since the year before when she had joined the circus, she had no idea what was going on here.  Lucy rolled her eyes, visibly annoyed that she had to explain further, but she continued.  "Remember when we joined the circus together last year?" she asked.  Violet nodded.  "Well, I did it for a reason." Violet gestured for Lucy to continue.  Lucy rolled her eyes again, but did continue.

"When I was nine years old my father hired a new court jester.  He was a stocky man, half bald, with creepy, red/brown eyes." Violet's eyes shone in recognition, that was the man that she had seen with the king.  Lucy nodded, "Ya, same guy.  Anyway, he made my father laugh, but he also liked to give him advice.  The problem was that my father listened to his advice, and some of it wasn't very good.  My mother was about to have a baby, and I was ecstatic.  Even though this guy creeped me out, I wasn't too worried about it.  I shouldn't have let my guard down.

"My mother had the baby, Emma, and she was my doll.  I loved to dress her up, and play with her, it was extremely fun.  Then, on Emma's fourth birthday, we all went to the circus together.  My mother never came home.  When my mother disappeared my father was heartbroken, and he could barely do anything.  I could see that the jester was plotting, so I came and joined the circus."  Violet's eyes were wide, but she soon got over her shock.

"So you're afraid that the man you had me seek out is out to get you?" she asked.  Lucy nodded. "So you're running away??" Lucy nodded again.

Violet looked at Lucy up and down, analyzing her small frame, then said, "I'll come with you."

The End

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