Chapter 3

As Lucy flew through the air, doing tricks and flips, she scanned the audience.  She was very aware that not only (what she viewed as) her arch enemy, but also her little sister, were very likely present in that room, watching her.  As she searched, she saw Violet looking at a little girl.  Lucy glanced at her and nearly lost grip of the trapeze.  It was her little sister, and she was not smiling like she should have been.  Her face was confused, and her eyes were locked on Lucy's face. 

Lucy watched as Violet followed the little girls gaze, and then her face shown with recognition.  Lucy understood that Violet had found them as well.  She watched as Violet darted back under the seats, and back to her work.  Lucy was sure that Violet would be waiting for her in the dressing room. 

She saw nothing to do but finish her act.  With her mind wrapped around her problem, she almost lost her hold many times, but every time she managed to regain her grip.   Every time she nearly slipped the audience took a sharp breath in, but released it when they realized that she was still okay. 

Finally her act was over.  She took her bows, then swung off the stage on the trapeze.  She heard the ring master announcing the next act, and knew that she was free until the end of the show, which was a few hours away. She rushed into the dressing room to meet Violet.

The End

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