Chapter 2

Darting under the seats of the audience, Violet searched for the three people Lucy had requested she find. Technically, Violet was the leader, since she was by far to quickest and stealthiest – her life on the streets as a thief had taught her how to move like wind, without a sound, and how to stay hidden in the shadows.

Peeking out of the stand, Violet’s sharp purple eyes flitted over the faces of the audience. No one matched the description Lucy gave. Suddenly, the lights dimmed to just a single beam of light highlighted Lucy on the trapeze. Violet cursed and kept looking.

Finally she saw them, the King, a little girl and the half bald man. The adults were smiling, enjoying the show, but the little brown-haired girl beside the King wasn’t smiling, her face, reminded Violet slightly of Lucy. Her eyes glimmered with slight recognization, but her expression showed confusion. Horror-struck, Violet followed the girl’s gaze.

It was locked on Lucy’s Face.

The End

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