He's not yours.

It's hard to get over someone who's already over you.

I want him.

But he can’t be yours.

But I want him.

He’s not yours to take.

He already belongs to someone else.

You know that right?


Can’t he see that I would take good care of him?

That doesn’t matter, darling.

He appreciates you.

He knows you.

But he still doesn’t want you as much as her.

Why not?

I thought we were finally okay.

I thought I was finally doing it right.

You’re doing your best.

He knows that, my love.

But he still can’t let go of her.

Will he ever?

I don’t know.

But for your sake, I hope he might.

So, what if he doesn’t?

What happens to me?

You find a way to move on, my sweet.

You find someone to whom you can be that girl.

The End

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