Good News, Bad NewsMature

I woke up in an elven bed, reasonably assured that I was still alive. I was quite at a loss for what to do next. This was the first time I had been conscious since arriving, so I didn't know anything about this place or about my current condition. I settled for giving the room a glance. The colors reminded me of the Elf.

The elf... where the devil was h-

"You're awake small one."

I stubbornly refused to show any surprise at the seemingly disembodied comment. Looking around once more, I spotted Sigurd standing very still next to one of the walls, so still in fact that he looked like he was part of the depiction on it.

"You haven't succumbed to the troubles of age I see" I responded, too exhausted to make a good remark, despite the  fact that I had probably been lying in bed for days.

Sigurd finally turned to look at me with a look of grief on his face. 

"There is both good news and bad news Racieus. Which should I share first?"

My heart sank into my chest. I was alive, but for how much longer?

"How long do I have?" I whispered.

The elf's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at me. Then a smile creapt across his face  and he actually started laughing.

"That would be the good news my little friend. You have beaten the poison and should be fully recovered by tomorrow. Just in time for the report I might add."

The elation that swept through my body was short lived when I remembered we still had one thing to discuss.

"What's the bad news then?"

The downcast look came again to Sigurd's face.

"Racieus, Kaer Fore is dead."

My mouth dropped. That was impossible!

"He's... but how?"

"All I was told was that negotiations with one particular tribe did not quite go as planned."

My fists clenched.

"Which clan? They will be destroyed."

I was offered a half-smile for my thoughts.

"There is little left of them that can be destroyed."

"Good. Now when can I get out of this stupid bed?"

The End

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