The Heroes Step Towards Peace...?Mature

The fifteen Chieftains stood in a line. Each looking more fierce than the one beside them. They numbered to be twelve men and three women. Each holding a weapon that looked like it could make even the mightiest tree collapse. 

Sigurd turned to Racieus and the Dwarves. "You guys are lucky. Being so low down they probably won't be able to reach you unless they fall on you." Racieus gave the Elf a scornful look but the Dwarves shrugged it off, their minds were focused elsewhere. 

Haldurin turned to Grumdig and gave him a nudge in the arm. "Hey brother. Brother! What are you looking at?" Grumdig grunted at him. "I want that one." Grumdig pointed to the tallest one. "I am going to cut her down as if she were a column in the caves at home and shout 'TIMBER!' as if she were a tree." Haldurin just chuckled his deep Dwarven laugh. "I shall leave that one for you then." Grumdig just raised his axe and pointed it at his target in response.

Kaer rolled his eyebrows and raised his bow. Steadying the arrow. He glanced at Sigurd. He had done the same. Neradin whispered beside him. "I think the Dwarves get off on this stuff... Look at them. They look so hard."  Kaer couldn't help but laugh. Along with Sigurd and Racieus who obviously heard.

The mood lightened momentarily. Then the war drums began to thump rhythmically. Thump. DeDum. Thump. Thump. DeDum. Thump. It sent a shiver up the spines of the future Heroes of Teranore.  

The Dwarves raised the axes. The Elf and half Elf stood poised with their bows. Racieus looked ready to attempt to jump the 30 feet between the two forces with his blade in hand. Acaeb had a magical light flashing behind his eyes and his fingers twitched, ready to release an ancient power. Neradin raised his sword into a charging position. 

The seven men were ready. They faced over double the numbers. Then, as if time had stopped, the rhythmic drumming ended. And the Chieftains started the charge.

They let out blood curdling roars, like that of a vicious lion or ferocious cave bear. The twelve men and three women charged like a run away train, nothing short of a wall of lead would stop them. Luckily for the Heroes, Neradin was the first thing they came across. Neradin shouldered the first Chieftain and launched him into the air before spearing another through his left shoulder.  He quickly ended the flying barbarians life by using the mans flailing weapon on himself. A third tried to take on Neradin but was met with a swift end after an elbow to the face and a quick readjustment of his sword so that the man had it pertruding from his gut. 

Sigurd and Kaer fired arrow after arrow at the four chieftains that were heading for them. Kaer clipped one of them in the ankle and he fell, accidentally tackling the woman beside him, both conveniently, fell on each others weapons. The third went to swing at Sigurd but he ducked and brought the bow around and cracked the man over the head with it, before he and Kaer simultaneously launched two arrows through the jugular of the forth. 

Racieus ran straight for a pair of the chieftains. His blade held out at arm length. The first one went for a full swing with a two handed sword. Racieus galloped a step further before sliding on his knees. The barbarian continued the swing and caught his partner full on in the stomach as Racieus slid under the sword. When he past the outswinging Barbarian pair he turned on his left foot and launched himself onto the back of the accidentally treacherous one. He sunk the blade through the neck of his attacker and a mind numbing crack could be heard as it shattered the spinal cord.

Meanwhile, the Dwarves sprinted for the remaining two females, one of which happened to be the tallest of the group. Grumdig ran in front of Haldurin and crouched down. Haldurin leaped off his brothers back and brought the axe down into the firsts upper chest. The second barbarian swung at the Dwarf but Grumdig was already impaling her leg with an axe. "Brother. Look! TIMBER!!!!!!!!" The woman collapsed in pain and blood as the tough Dwarf cut clean through her knee. 

Acaeb however, had the final Chieftain writhing on the ground in utter agony as he cast a few spells that kept him there, unable to move and barely able to breathe. Sigurd shared a word with Kaer. "Why didn't we think of taking a hostage? That would have been smart." He glanced over his shoulder at the bloodied grass, fourteen destroyed bodies of Barbarian Leaders and the hordes of distraught Barbarians surrounding the battlefield. "Very smart..."

The End

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