That is a Good QuestionMature


"Now where are we anyway?" Sigurd which was then filled by an immediate silence as everyone took in there surroundings not actually sure where they were.

"That would be a good question." Kaer said.

"I say were sumwhere!" Said one of the twins obviously.

"Yes how very perceptive of you." Acaeb responded with some tone of frusteration.

"Hmm Sigurd you have some knowledge of your own country. Wouldn't it be fair to say  were near to the lands of the north?" Neradin piped up.

Sigurd looked around a moment while another silence took over ," It's quite a fair guess I would want a better reference point to be exactly sure."

"Yes." Neradin agreed quietly

"Well if thats the case, we should head further North to make amends with the barbarians or otherwise the orcs will over run this realm while the elves still deliberate." Kaer said.

"The barbarians?" Neradin scoffed," I am barabaric in my own way but they will not listen to reasoning, especially a harsh history with civilization. Barbarians listen to strength and they have more then enough of their own that they would never wish to follow you."

"Well whatever choice are we left with? The dragons have no desire to join our cause either but atleast the barbarians are humans and will not havea  future in a world full of orcs."

"Hmm well in any case I think I good fight is involved but unlike the me the rest of you can die and I'm sure there are far more things in the north to fear than just barbarians." Neradin warned.

The End

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