A Joyful ReunionMature

The elf hobbled towards the partially ruined remains of the Wizards tower. The dwarves started dancing on the roof and their laughs could be heard even from that distance. 
Sigurd whispered weakly in Kaer's ear. "Who killed him?" Kaer let out a relieved sigh. "I am not sure who exactly, but a combination of two dastardly dwarves, some gravity and a portion of the roof seemed enough to end the Wizard. And of course a brave distraction from your favourite halfing." Sigurds eyebrow raised. "That is interesting my friend."

The half elf laughed aloud. "Oh and do not tell the Halfling it was me that told you, but when you first fell back in the camp, he collapsed crying." Sigurd fell back onto the ground and a tear of joy rolled from his left eye as he laughed his lungs to the point of exhaustion.  "That is just fantastic..." Sigurds smile crept around his face into a most sinister shape.

Acaeb turned in the Halflings direction. "I think the secret is out my little friend. The smile on the Elves face is unreasonably large for someone that just came back from the dead." Racieus lowered his head and exhaled. "I feared this would happen." The Halfling stalked back from the window and Acaeb followed him to the stairs. "Dwarves! Save the dancing, we had better greet that infuriating elf...."

The dwarves reluctantly followed suite and walked down the stairs to the doorway where, sitting with his back against the wall, sat the Elf grinning right at Racieus. "Halfling, I must thank you." The young man tried to interrupt but Sigurd ploughed on and continued talking. "Because of your actions I am not only still alive, but I am also laughing. That story about you crying. Oh my it was fantastic."

Racieus did not know what to say. He stood poised, frozen where he stood.  "I am only joking my friend. Come here!" Sigurd sprung up spritely  from his position and hugged the Halfling, much to his delight.

"Now, where are we anyway?..." 

The End

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