Dusting Off HomeMature

After the destruction and victory in Northrend, the troupe of dragons, now numbering fourteen in total, flew from Northrend to a lonely mountain to the south of the city and, after dodging various snow storms and high winds, landed in front of a large castle set in the side of the mountain where no man on foot could possibly enter.

The castle, Darastrix Nakta in the language of the dragons or Dragon Keep in the human tongue, was carved from the solid rock of the mountain and spanned numerous lengths throughout the entire mountain with its chambers and tunnels that snaked about the innards of the mountain. It was the main keep of the dragons before and during the Great War and would be once again.

"Ah home, I thought I would never see you again." Kelpresh commented as he set down on a large landing platform. The others followed his lead and quickly changed back into their human forms even though the castle was built for the massive bulk of a full dragon.

"It is no small feat that it still stands as well as it does," Yzolef mentioned as he inspected some of the collumns and supports about the platform. Kelpresh nodded in agreement.

"Indeed wise-one, when this fortress was made by our ancestors, they knew that it would have to be strong and able to stand against all things thrown against it. They obviously did well in its creation."

Sirananth, departing from the main body of dragons, moved forward a few paces and then stopped as he listened. His heightened sense took in everything from the others conversations, to the roar of the wind and to another set of noises that he had just picked up. He paused for a moment, digesting the sound, then snarled and un-sheathed his sword.

"We are not alone up here!" Sirananth declared to his comrades. Dorvund swore and rushed up beside his friend and readied his battle-axe for combat. The others joined him and Kelpresh took command of the situation easily.

"What do you hear, brother?" he asked Sirananth quietly. The dragons' eyes were sweeping the castle looking for possible threats.

"I hear some sort of feast going on, the clatter of plates and various wares. Seeing as how we are all accounted for, it is impossible that it is us." Sirananth replied. The group fell silent as they all listened for the same sounds and Charmuth and Kelpresh both nodded quickly.

"I hear it too, old friend," Charmuth noted.

"Aye, indeed we are not alone as we had thought. Quickly, we must find who has invaded this place." Dorvund, Peli, Sirananth and Svirna all surged ahead hoping to catch the invaders by surprise.

They wound their way through a few side passages in the rock fortress before they came to an abrupt stop just outside the main dining hall. The sounds of eating and the aromas of freshly cooked meats could not be disguised here where the wind had little effect. Sirananth took post just to the left of the door and motioned for his comrades to wait with him. They all paused for a moment, allowing the rest of the group to catch up and when Yzolef, the last one in the small convoy of dragons, turned the corner towards them, they burst through the door but were surprised by the response.

“Welcome back brothers and sisters, care for a feast?”

The End

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