An Unexpected IssueMature

The Orc fell and the arrow snapped under the weight of the body and the armor. Acaeb was still no where to be seen. Racieus soon appeared in Sigurd's shadow. 

"I spring you from jail, and you do not even let me have the last kill" Moaned the Halfling. Sigurd made a short dash for a sentry post ten paces to his left, ignoring this latest qualm from the little man. An eerie glow was omitting from near the camps center. Sigurd let out a belated laugh. "Well, I think I know where the Wizard is, and it looks like he has some less then hospitable friends."

Grumdig looked blankly at Haldurin. "What does he mean less then hospitable friends? Surely this a hypocritical statement..." Grumdig made a snappy response. "It means more Orcs to slash! And I shall kill twice as many as you!" "What? You kill twice the amount I shall be killing, you are a comedian brother! For I shall be killing trice the amount of Orcs then you!" "The only way you will kill that many is if you run ahead right now....."

Grumdig just realized what he said and broke into sprint down the small trench that led to the camps epicenter. Haldurin quickly gathered pace and followed. They could be heard shouting as they ran, not to Acaebs assistance, but rather to settle a sibling dispute. "I killed 50 more then you so far on this short journey alone!" Grunted Haldurin as he struggled to catch Grumdig who was running through the trenches like a steam train going down a hill without any form of breaking system. "You never were very good at maths! For I killed several dozen at least back there, you only got the scraps I let go your way!"

There voices faded and Kaer gave Sigurd a worrying look followed by. "At least we can laugh at them. Acaeb will not be pleased when he witnesses who his rescuers are, thats if he needs rescuing." Racieus jogged over to Kaer and shouted toward the Elf. "Come on Big Ears, we haven't got all day." "I am taking another route little man, I shall join you both there." Kaer shared a mystified look with the Halfling but they jogged after the Dwarf twins. 

The camps trenches were bleak and dark. But neither the half Elf or the Halfling were having difficulties figuring out where the Dwarves went. There typically massive cave dwellers boots foot prints were very distinguishable, even in the light deprived trenches.

A shadow flashed by there heads. Racieus turned, weapons ready. They stood back to back, but there was no sign of the shadow reemerging. They jogged on, slightly more cautious then before, but they soon arrived at the eerie glow.

Although they could not see around the last corner of the trench and into the possible arena where they were about to save the Wizard. They could hear the cries of "I just killed another Brother!" and "Taking your time arn't we?!" Kaer sighed. "They never stop, not even in battle." Racieus laughed and much to Kaers dismay. "I am going to kill more than you half Elf!" He ran full speed into the eerie glow...

Kaer slowly brought his broadsword around and held it firmly in place. One step at a time he entered the glow.


Suddenly Kaer was on his back. It was Sigurd. "Not a step further my friend. This fog is playing tricks with our mind. We must now rescue the others. I can see the doubt on your face. I assure you, it is not Acaeb that does this. This magic is far older and darker then our friend. Follow me." Kaer looked a little taken back, which seemed fair considering the new situation. "But Racieus, and the Dwarves. I can hear them fighting." Sigurd sighed. "I can too. It is part of the trick. The only way we can save them is getting to the source. I have located it." A suspicious look flashed across the half Elves strong face. "But if you knew...." Sigurd was quick to iron out any mistrust. "I had only an inkling of a thought. It hadn't yet clicked in my mind. That is why I tried a different route. And that is where we are going.

Moments later.....

"So explain to me, what is the plan Sigurd Villentious of the High Elven Guard, because excuse my seemingly willingless attitude, but I am not entirely sure I should trust you for this." Sigurd smiled. "Watch and do what you feel is right".

Sigurd drew his finest Elven arrow. And readied his bow. He aimed it at about a 30 degree angle. And let the arrow release. It soared through the air. Sigurd turned around to look at Kaer, he smiled. And the The Elven Guard dived into the thick mythical fog....

Kaer could do nothing but stand there. Cold, alone and without any idea what he should do. His broadsword could do little against mother nature. His magic was nowhere near powerful enough to deal with this ancient force and his will was drained after the possibility of losing all his companions in a matter of moments.

Then the fog began to retreat. Kaer's face lifted. The beginnings of a smile crept across his face. The sounds of battle faded into nothing but a memory.

Then a large explosion erupted from the far reaches of the remains of the fog. Kaer leaped down into the trenches once again. And ran for the source of the heat.

When he got there the small band soon to be known as the Heroes of Teranore were gathered around, what appeared to be a body. Kaer ran at full tilt to the group. 

Sigurd lay on the ground. Blood streamed from his side and his head was at a perculiar angle. Racieus was kneeling at his side with tears coming from his eyes. "The last thing I said to him was come on Big Ears! I liked him really" Racieus seemed to be more upset then anyone else.

Acaeb approached the group. With a slight limp. "The fog has consumed him." Racieus burst out. "Is there anyway to save him?" Acaeb nodded. "There is a way to bring him back. But it involves killing the wizard who cast this spell. And let me state that this man is no joke, he could kill us all if we do not concentrate." 

Kaer could not help but gasp. Racieus rose. "What are we waiting for! Well. Dwarves? Anybody?" Raceuis seemed to be alone in his quest to save the Elf. "I shall assist." Kaer said. His voice shaking. 

"Then it is settled. Dwarves you will be joining us as well. And you Neradin. I shall lead the party. Kaer, organize a sling so that we may bring Sigurd with us. Make haste now! We cannot afford to dwindle on this! Come now!"

Acaeb continued to describe the labyrinth that awaited them. "You all may know the legend. You all may think these are just folk tales but they are true. And now we must end the Legend of Merlin......"

The End

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