With Racieus's stink following them, Kaer and the others did their best to come up with a plan. It wasn't such a hard task after thier eyes stopped watering. They decided that the twins would be used as a distraction to get the orcs away from their captives. Kaer would cover them from a distance, this role would suit him seeing that he was efficient in both melee and long ranged combat. While all that chaos was happening and things went as planned. Racieus would be able to free Sigurd and Neradin with next to no hassle. Acaeb would be keeping an eye on the little guy while preparing a spell that would deal massive damage while they were focused on the Twins. Any left over opposing force should be easy to deal with.

With that in mind the twin's charged in yelling and screaming quickly picking up an angry, and confused horde of orcs. Seeing their smaller legs couldn't keep them ahead of the angry mob orcs. They turned to face the orcs head on as arrows silently darted from above them. The with mighty swing the whole front line of orcs fell to the ground. More arrows flew from the darkness as the twins yelled numbers of the orcs they killed.  However the horde was growing as the sounds of alarms began going off all around the orc encampment.

"The punisment of the sun." Kaer said quietly firing off an arrow that lit the darkened sky quite brightly as the arrow streaked through the air. Kaer glowed with pride he casted a spell that didn't go wrong for once!  The arrow caught an orc in the knee and amassed into a large roaring fire consuming 10 other orcs.

"Take that yeh old grumpy wizard. Your not the only with magical knowledge." Kaer said. Knocking another arrow. Where was Acaeb anyways? He wondered Briefly looking for the wizard in red robes.  "What the hell was he doing?" Kaer thought.  The Dwarven twins seemed  like they could hold off for another minute or two, but it was apparent they would soon be overwhelmed even with Kaer's aid.  Casting a couple more enchanted arrows increased their time, but Kaer was now out out arrows, and  had a group of his own orcs to deal with.  Putting his bow aside and unsheathing the broadsword he met the orcs head on.  Blocking the first blow and quickly slicing the orcs throat with his blade. Another came from the side, he darted back slashing down missing the orc by inches. It jabbed its crude spear at him cutting his shoulder Kaer clenched his teeth batting the spear away and making a wide strike down on the orc.  He jumped back giving up more ground as 5 more came to replace the two he had killed.  He could take them, but for how much longer would he have to hold out? What went wrong on the other side of things? Where was Sigurd, Acaeb, and Neradin?

"Jagged edge of a blade sits upon the harsh winds! Wind scar!" He shouted placing his left hand forwards, directing a force of wind that cut his enemies up as well as knocking them back a distance.  Not giving them the time to recover he charged, slicing down three of them before being thrown against the ground.  Kaer struggled kicking the orc off him only to have another orc grab him by the collar and swing him into boulder, knocking his broadsword out of his hands.  The orc he had managed to kick off him grabbed his throat  and raised its hand axe high above them.  There was nothing he could do his body ached from the heavy blows, and he  could hardly breath.  The orc yelled victoriously, but it was short lived as an arrow tip erupted from its chest.  Kaer rolled away grabbing his broadsword seeing Sigurd at distance with a bow in hand.  Kaer smiled, at least Racieus had been successful, but what had happened to Acaeb?

The End

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