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I gave the elf a glare. Even seeing the dragon for real, he couldn’t stop going on about it. I was going to say something back, but shook my head and focused on the here and now. We needed to escape and… well…

I had a plan.

Neradin also shot Sigurd a glance then said “Go on Racieus.” Sigurd smiled and put in one more comment,

“Yes Halfling lets see what big idea has come from your small head.”

I could tell he was expecting a frown, or a return jibe, or something else of that nature. So of course I did the thing that he expected the least. I smiled.

“It’s funny that you mention my small size elf. Our escape depends on it. Now as I was saying… our captors send our meals in through that hole in the door. I think I can squeeze through it. However I’ll need to be… less visible. I don’t suppose the two of you have any spells…?”

They both shook their heads.

“Even if I did have something like that I couldn’t use it… whatever they used to drug us has rendered my magic useless.” Neradin said.

Drat. How else could I get out un-detected? I looked around our cell: Cots, a barred window, the waste basket…

Wait a minute… The waste basket!

I called the others together, “Ok I’ll need some help... but I think I may have something.” I explained my idea and received two nods of approval. I began to prepare but then I was hit with another thought. “Umm… neither of you guys… have ummm…used the waste basket… have you?” The waste basket wasn’t for broken or used items… it was for…waste… yes…that kind.

Sigurd chuckled but shook his head. Neradin smiled too but said no. I sighed, the alternative would have been rather… not enjoyable.

Everything was set and it drew near to meal-time. The rattling of keys outside our door set us into action. I squeezed into the bucket, the cover was placed over me and I was shoved to the door. The panel slid open and a hand reached in. I felt myself being dragged out and then my motion ceased. The scraping of the lunch tray being shoved in sounded and then I was lifted up. The orc captor carried me down the corridor to the entrance of the cave. I could hear and feel the breeze as I was carried outside then the bucket moved sharply. I was falling and then I landed in a pile of something. I didn’t want to think of what that something was.

The orcs footsteps died away and I leapt up quickly. I cleaned myself off as best I could and smiled. I was free! The hard was yet to come: I had to sneak back in and rescue the others. One Halfling versus a contingent of orcs. I heard a group approaching and quickly dove for cover.

“You are wrong brother! I will be the one to slay the most orcs. “

“No that is not so! I will kill them all before you even begin!”

“Is that so? Well you just wait until we reach this encamp-“


My heart leapt. It wasn’t possible! I peeked through the branches and my hopes were confirmed. It was the twins, Acaeb, and Kaer!

“My friends!”

They turned weapons ready but I jumped out and raised my hands. “It’s me!”

Kaer recognized me first. “Racieus!” The group approached but they all stopped once they were a few steps away. With noses wrinkled the twins spoke,

“Halfling, what is that smell?”

I grimaced, “I can explain later, but I need your help. As you have guessed, our mission to kill the dragon was a success. Shortly after that we were taken by surprise and captured by orcs. The elf and Neradin are still in there!”

“We were planning a raid on this camp ourselves.” Acaeb said. “We welcome your help… after you take a bath.” He said with a smirk.

I smiled and nodded.

There would be blood tonight!

The End

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