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"That was a good way to stretch and flex some muscles!" Neradin said happily sheathing his blade with a crazed look," Although I would say its pathetic that an decrepit dragon gave us such a problem." He continued, he looked a little disappointed with himself as he stared at his own hands. 

" Yes that was quite the fight, and actually a little saddening, but everyone comes to an end." Racieus said taking over the conversation.

" Is that small heart of your weeping in sorrow for the dragon's hard ship, halfling?" Sigurd teased the half ling who received quite a response of a similar nature. Did these to have to act like this all the time? Neradin though annoyed.

"Shut it the both of ya!" He growled catching their attention briefly," We killed this dragon, and it was fun! But I want more, and since this war started from the North I suggest we head up North, to see what we come across!  What do you all say? Are you with me?"  Neradin asked not exactly caring for their responses but he thought some company wouldn't be a bad thing if they were willing to join him. 

The End

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