Revenge Served Extra CrispyMature

-The city of Northrend

That following morning the troupe of dragons entered the city and immediately set out for their destinations. Each of them knew what was at stake and each knew the consequences if they failed at this early step of their return to power. Sirananth and his force especially understood as they possibly had the hardest job of all of them as when the assault started, they would have to battle the full force of the keep’s guards for quite some time before the rest of the dragons joined them. And even though they all wanted to just directly assault the keep now; they all knew that patience would save them from an un-necessary failure.

“What is taking Auvrela so long?” Byor asked. He shifted his weight to his other leg as he stood with his back against a post of a nearby clothing shop.

“Who knows, maybe she’s taken a detour so she can clean her claws before the attack.” Dorvund suggested. Kvyor and Byor chuckled at the notion but Sirananth was a wall of calm.

“When the time comes, she and her force will strike,” Sirananth told them.

Kvyor shrugged, “I have no doubts brother that she will but yet this waiting is killing me.”

“Hold your tongue Kvyor, we will strike soon.” Sirananth reassured the younger dragon. The group fell silent as they waited for the signal from the others to begin their assault. Dorvund paced impatiently back and forth and was just about to snap when they all heard a loud roar followed by two others. Their gazes fell upon the Market District and saw Auvrela fly above the District and loose a jet of flame before she landed upon a nearby roof. They then watched as Pyrnix and Elvaron followed her example and began to wreak havoc and chaos upon the area. Sirananth paused for a moment, his finely tuned ears carefully listening, and waited to hear similar sounds from the eastern part of the city. He didn’t have to wait long as he heard a triplet of roaring emanate from that section of the city followed by screams of terror.

“Let’s go,” He told his force. The others fell in behind him, shedding their cloaks as they walked, and readied their weapons. The group waded their way through the confused and terrified crowd up to the keep’s gates and paused as the few guards that still stood there stopped them.

One of them stepped forward and held his pole-arm at the ready, “Who are you? Identify yourselves or be arrested!” Sirananth regarded the man for a second and the guard looked into Sirananth’s eyes and immediately was struck with fear. Sirananth seized the opportunity, unsheathed his sword and in one continuous movement cut off the pole arm’s blade and stabbed the guard through the gut. The other dragons, seeing this struck the other guards down quickly with ease. They then were faced with their first problem: the gate was shut.

“Ideas?” Dorvund asked. He stood there with his massive battle-axe resting on his shoulder, ready to swing forward and slice any opponent in two.

“I believe this problem can be taken care of easily.” Sirananth said. He stood there and focused all of his energy to transforming back into his dragon form and after a few moments he stood there before his brothers ready to take flight, “Get on my back friends, I will carry us over the wall..” The others nodded and took hold as best they could as Sirananth took flight. Sirananth took a few powerful strokes of his wings and was soon doing what amounted to a bunny hop over the wall and into the courtyard beyond.

The guards could hardly believe their eyes as Sirananth landed and loosed a mighty roar. Many turned and ran back a few feet in terror while others foolishly stood their ground. Those who stood their ground soon found themselves on fire as Sirananth cleared a landing zone for his brothers. Once they hopped off of his back and engaged the last of the guards, he took the skies and surveyed the carnage.

Most of the eastern section and Market District of the city was on fire, demolished or both. He saw Auvrela and her team flying quickly towards the keep and Medith and her team speeding at him as well. He was slightly caught off-guard when a crossbow bolt flew right past him so he turned, located the shooter, and replied with a burst of fire. Auvrela reached the keep first, landed and transformed into her human form as the other dragons either flew interference or did so on the ground. The process was repeated as the others landed and joined the fight. Soon enough the courtyard was silent as the guards had all been dispatched and at that moment, Charmuth, Peli and Yzolef landed.

“Good work brothers and sisters, now for the hard part.” Charmuth told the assembled dragons as he strode towards the huge heavy oak doors of the keep. He walked right up to them and flung them wide open. Nothing but an empty foyer greeted him and the others as they flooded in.

“Do you know where you’re going Charmuth?” Medith asked as she moved through the foyer with her dual swords ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

Charmuth nodded, “I do indeed, follow me.” He walked over to a side door and kicked it open to reveal a flight of dimly lit stairs proceeding downwards, “This is where our revenge begins.”

The End

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