An Honorable DeathMature

Neradin and the dragon had a pleasant little chat about times past and this and that, and they could easily have discussed the weather. It was almost as if we weren't TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER!!! I had gotten the impression that this dragon was tired. Not physically, but mentally... like it wanted to die but was putting up token resistance.

I fidgeted and glanced at Sigurd who looked as restless as I was. We shared the same impatience but also the same realization. We both knew the dragon wanted us to kill it. "I'm going to kill it first!" I whispered to the elf. He cocked an eyebrow and mouthed back "Not a chance halfling!" I opened my mouth to retort but Sigurd's face went almost white with horror. Another part of my training flashed back to me. Dodge first ask "What's wrong?" later. Chances are you'll live long enough to ask it that way.

I dove left and felt blistering heat torch the spot where I was seconds earlier. The dragon may want to die but he wasn't going to let us push it over. I was struck with an idea. A way to get close enough to finish off the dragon . Neradin had joined Sigurd and I sprinted over to them. I told them my plan and they both nodded. "It has chance." Neradin said. We split up Sigurd going one way Neradin and I going the other. The elf started to chant a spell over his arrows while the demimmortal stuck his sword into the ground and picked me up. Sigurd gave the signal then shot his arrows into the air in rapid succession. Neradin muttered a few words and time slowed then he threw his sword so it was headed towards the arrows, but not close enough to hit them. Then he threw me after the sword and as I flew I began to focus.

If I failed we would all be dead in moments. Sigurd's spell made his arrows flight path unchangeable. They could not be knocked off path my anything. Not even a Halfling. I pushed off of Neradin's sword which was similarly enchanted and began to jump off of Sigurd's arrows directly towards the dragon. I threw my daggers, drew two more and threw those, then two more, until I was holding my last two. Neradin's sword, Sigurds arrows, and I were all converging on the same spot.

The dragon's unprotected throat.

All the weapons hit at the same spot, opening a mortal gash in the dragon's neck. It roared in agony but it was tinged with something else... relief... and peace. As it fell it bellowed out it's last words. Words which I will never forget.

"Well done mortals you are truly worthy adversaries. I apologize halfling... for ever..... dou-doubting you... thank....... you."

I was conflicted. I was certainly happy that I was alive and all, but there was something that I just couldn't get over. Since all our weapons hit at the same time, it emant that we all killed the dragon at the exact. same. time.

I tied with the elf. Drat.

The End

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