Top Class VenisonMature

Grumdig decided that if he sang the unofficial Dwarf national anthem, the journey might pass faster."High Ho, High Ho, its off to kill we go. We slice all day, we never get any pay, high ho, high ho, high ho, high ho."

Haldurin was quick to cut across him. "Brother your tune is completely wrong! The song should be sung like this....."

Kaer was swift to stop another verse. "Dammit Dwarves sing it in your heads! We do not need to suffer your tuneless voices for a moment longer." The twins seemed to, for the first time ever, agere on what should be done.

They broke out in song together, much to Kaer's distain. "HIGH HO. HIGH HO. ITS OFF TO KILL WE GO. WE SLICE ALL DAY. WE NEVER GET ANY PAY. HIGH HO. HIGH HO. HIGH HO. HIGH HO."

The dwarves sang merrily for what seemed like a life time to Kaer. And then as if he was having a nightmare, Acaeb caved, and joined in. Kaer could only be thinking one thing, and he whispered his thoughts. "What kind of new hell is this...."

As the sun began to set, the small band of heroes set up camp. And the Dwarves decided they would be tonights entertainment and cooks....

Haldurin decided that the entertainment, would be orbiting one of the three kegs of mead he brought. And Grumdig decided that they would be feasting on venison. It was all going so well. The mead was fresh and chilled. The venison was browning nicely over the spit-fire.

The only issue was the Ocr maurader barelling down the hill at them with a look of intent. And he was hardly after Grumdigs food....

Acaeb noticed the beast first. His facial expression revealed the problem before words could. The Dwarves giggled like school girls and ran at the creature. Flailing there weapons at its muscular legs. Kaer joined them. Acaeb, still not fully recovered, could do very little. Much to the groups horror as Acaeb could have easily disposed of the maurader.

Haldurin ran at Kaer, the mead in his belly urging him forward, and screamed. "Launch me!" Kaer looked a little confused, but grabbed the dwarf by the torso and swung him around and at the beasts head. He raised his axes and brought them down onto the orcs head. He looked a lot like a cliff climber as he clung onto the twin axes, which were now buried deep into the head of the enemy.

It flailed about for no more then thirty seconds before collapsing on the venison. Grumdig let out a short cry. "That was top class venison and now its covered in orc blood. Must you ruin everything I love brother!?!?!?" Haldurin shrugged. Acaeb stepped forward. Moved the corpse aside. And mumbled a few inaudible words.


Acaeb smiled and leaned down, sniffing the venison. Grumdig looked delighted. Minus the body laying a foot from the fire, it was as if no fight had even happened. Acaeb took a bite from the meat. "Top class venison indeed Master Dwarf."

The End

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