A PlanMature

With Acaeb out of commission and with the wounded, the refugees, and Kaer travelled just far enough away from the battle ground that they would not be put under attack again. As they set up camp, Acaeb was still out cold but he was the new here of the people. Kaer was a little put out by the whole idea but on the other hand it was a load of his shoulders, and hell did that man deserve the title.  The Dwarves were also warmly accepted much to his relief because they were at this point quarrelling away from him. That didn't mean he didn't enjoy their company, Kaer was just unsure to the amount of arguing those two dished before he went mad.

Kaer put his feet out and leaned on his bedroll that was resting on the wheels of a caravan, some distance away from the refugees who had taken up brief celebration for the moment.  He thought about the Immortal, Sigurd, and Racieus, he wondered how had thier ventures panned out so far? Would he cross paths with them again? Something told him he would, under which circumstance he did not know.

Then the thoughts of what he was to do after he had brought this group of Reffugees to Daerdun? He had already decided he would not stay there, no that would not assure total protection for them. He had to take it a step further, and put his skills to good use by turning this war around. He had to find a way to get the dwarves, and elves to work together or otherwise there wasn't a future, but neither one of the leading bodies would allow him or anyone not part of their nation in. His smacked his fist to the ground. It was as if someone or many were working on the inside spreading fear! As if the his enemy was already a step ahead of them! As Kaer was deep in thought he did not realize the wizard approaching him, from  the left. Although Kaer was fairly silent on his feet anyways.

"Something the matter?" He broke the silence.

"Huh? What! Your awake?" Kaer said in surprise," I didn't even hear you walk over here."

" Well, your were fairly Preoccupied in thought, so it was easy to catch you off guard. And yes I am awake, but still very tired."

"I see, that spell must have taken a lot out of you. Still it was in the very most most amazing spell I have seen in action, and trust me that is a compliment I had a very skilled master." Kaer said," Also I'm not sure if you already know, but your the new town hero, so depending if you dislike attention I would be discrete."

Acaeb gave a slight laugh before muttering," A hero am I now? So Half Elf, or Kaer..."

"You can call me by name." Kaer said warmly.

"Kaer what troubles you? and don't lie it is quite obvious."Acaeb spoke softly but with a commanding tone.

"Well. I was thinking about my next move after getting these Refugee's to Daerdun, I needed to find a way to make myself of use in this war effort. But I'm afraid that both Dwarves and Elves have isolated eachother and will soon fall. I feel like the enemy has already made sure they will not mobilize themselves, by streaking fear from the heart of these two Nations. They must stand united, or they will fall. How am I supposed to accomplish such a task. I am but a Half Elf of no consequence to anyone."Kaer said trying to hold back the frustration in his voice.

"Well, you forget one other power, that will at least allow a meeting, although I can't guarantee it will be civilized but it would be entirely possible." Acaeb said with little thought to the answer of Kaer's problem.

"Who or what do you speak of?" Kaer said giving Acaeb a look of desperation and suspicion.

"The Barbarians of course, you may have thought the orcs would have already eliminated but I have from many sources heard that they are still roaming Northern Plains. I'm sure they would lend their strength in return of their freedom."

"I can't promise them anything." Kaer snorted," I am no leader Acaeb, these people only follow me because no one else was brave enough for the position."

"Sometimes that is all that is needed to lead my friend. If we can get the Barbarians allegiance, and by the time we return here, I'm sure that many would have heard our names. Perhaps then we can wake up the sleeping leaders of this world before its too late."

" I think you're right. Besides doing that is better than rallying these already tired people to a war they can not possibly win alone."

"No, they have done their part for now." Acaeb said turning away from Kaer," It won't just be as easy as uniting the strongest military forces one more, Kaer, but for now its the best thing we can do."

The End

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