The Storm before the CalmMature


I had thought I would have a chance to meditate and replenish my energies after the the last orc fell, but it was then that the sound of screaming refugees wafted over the hill. It wasn't that I was tired for the spells I had casted so far were minor, but if I kept it up I wouldn't have the strength left to cast a major one if the situation required it.

The four of us turned and ran back up the hill, the view we saw at the summit was horrifying. It seemed the group we had just dispatched was a distraction. The refugees were being surrounded by a huge group of orcs and wildmen. I looked around at the others, they were in a state of shock. We had to do something or the refugees would perish. Using magic I amplified my voice and shouted to the refugees "Come this way! quickly!" I killed two birds with stone, for while the survivors were heading towards us, the rest of my group had been broken from their reveries. I looked at them and said "I think I can do something to stop this but it will require much of my energy and there is not much time." The other three nodded and to my surprise it was the Dwarves who spoke up first "What can we do to help?"

"I will need you two to stick your axes in the earth blades facing the sky." The Dwarves nodded, but there was apprehension on their faces. "Worry not" I said. "You will get your weapons back and if all works right they will become more powerful." The twins went to their work in a fury digging holes in the ground and shoving their weapons in. I looked to Kaer and told him "I will have need of your skill at the pinnacle of my spell, but for now you must lead your people away from this area. Any who remain will be utterly destroyed." The half-elf nodded. He ran over the crest to lead his people to safety. I walked around the dwarves weapons and chanted a minor spell creating a barrier around the axes that would keep the orcs away. When I finished we passed into the forest ahead and I climbed a tree, motioning to Kaer to do the same when he arrived."Listen Half-Elf. The fate of us all rests in your bow. When I give you the signal you must shoot your bow at the dwarves axes. It is imperative that you hit one."

The first of the orcs appeared over the ridge. I waited despite the glances I was getting from the villagers and my comrades. Finally when I could about a third of the orc horde I began. "Hak Nur Threndan Oriphus Drehden Lerthyg." I continued chanting and gradually my voice rose. Clouds gathered and darkened, and as I neared the end I was shouting. As I spoke the final word I pointed to Kaer who launched his arrow. I then pointed to the arrow and shouted "Electeus!" A bolt of lightning hit the arrow in its flight but didn't alter its course.

The arrow was charged and flying towards the axes. I prayed that the half-elf's skill was enough. I closed my eyes for it would be obvious whether the shot was a hit or miss.

A few seconds later a series of explosions rocked the hillside. Kaer had shot true. I opened my eyes and watched as the clouds emitted bolts of lightning, each more powerful than your average thunderstorm. None of the orcs in the surrounding area had a chance.

The refugees began clapping and cheering, and I smiled, knowing I had done them a service.

Then I fainted and fell off my branch.

The End

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