Wizards Are Not To Be Messed WithMature

The ground around where the dwarves had been standing was scorched. Luckily they had a man gifted in the magical arts.

The undead orcs now charged at the dazed group. Acaeb acted fast and he swung his left arm around, a vicious volcanic eruption of fire exploded from his fingers. The undead orcs skin began to flake as they lay roasted on the ground.

Acaeb then raised his right hand and pointed it at the tree. Kaer Fore and the twins realsied what the wizard was about to do. The Dwarves smiled in anticipation and the Half Elf drew his bow and started randomly bombarding the tree with arrows. There was a flash, followed by an Orcish scream and then the tree exploded.

Droplets of boiling Orc blood fell in tune with the scorced remains of the tree. The undead Orcs remained still. Haldurin turned to Acaeb. "My God, how can you muster such power Man?" Acaeb laughed. Haldurin leaned closer and attempted to whisper into the Mans ear. "I dont suppose you could teach me that? Grumdig is winning." His twin let out a laugh. "Haha! I knew I was winning!"

Acaeb and Kaer grinned. Kaer broke the laughter. "Haldurin, didn't you know, Dwarves cannot whisper. I can bet that the whole population of Daerdun heard you!" With that, the group laughed. Haldurin stood there, a little ashamed. Grumdig walked over and put his arm around him. "Aye Brother, I may be winning. But I will concede, you kill with a flair that truely deserves recognition!" With that Haldurin let out a relived sigh.

"I am taller though. Your the shorter of us Brother. Some might describe you as a midget Dwarf!" Acaeb shared a look with Kaer. As if to say and they are off again....

"There is no way in all of these Elven lands, that you are taller then me! If anything, I got all the admirable qualities at birth! I am tall, handsome, intelligent and a better fighter!" Grumdig snorted. "Hardly! Look at you. Oh wait you cannot can you Brother? Because when you look in mirrors they smash!"

Haldurin replied. "I least I can smash something. You couldn't smash a chicken egg if you had a hammer!" Grumdig went to reply but was interupted by a not so distant scream from the refugees...

The End

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