Angry DragonMature

"I told you so." Racieus said to that elf named Sigurd.

"Never doubted you for a second!" Neradin said drawing his sword," Don't mind if I make the first move do ya?" 

"So Halfling you brought some friends, but just two of them? I let you live and you come back with only two more. This is shameful to think that I have been underestimated so! I will make all of your deaths quick!" The dragon roared, shaking the cavern.  I smiled, today was going to be a good day, not only was I here to slay a dragon, but it was angry so it should be that much harder and it would give me a true thrill!

"Anyways Neradin I don't mind but.." I charged forwards not really caring for strategy, those two could figure it out. Besides none of us had the time to sit around thinking of a good way to bring it down.  As I charged a wall of fire was emitted shaking the cavern. I stood my ground sending magic along my  blade holding the blunt side out. Fire roared around me like a river let loose from a damm. The fire died down, and the floor thumped, the dragon believed he had finished his work. How wrong he was as I jumped out from the smoke bring my sword to bare against its head.  I managed to get a shallow cut as it threw me backwards with a swift from movement its head. Behind me Sigurd and Racieus appeared, both looking a little bit burnt but in most aspects in good condition. 

"We have to keep him in here, to stop him from moving to much." The elf said.

"Sure, you try keeping a 30 foot dragon in a confined space." I replied as claws shot out at them. I pushed my comrades to the ground taking the brunt of the hit, one claw sinking itself into my shoulder, another cutting at my torso. While I held the rest with my large blade with only one hand," Go!" I said in a muffled tone as I tried to push the dragons claws back.

Racieus nodded as he darted underneath the dragon and slashed at some softer vulnerable areas. The dragon threw me against the wall forcing a great amount of blood to spew from my mouth.  I fell to the ground watching the Elf  dance out of the way of the dragons vicious teeth. The Halfling was avoiding getting itself stomped on. The fight was only just getting more invigorating but if those mortals didn't watch their step they were gonna die. I got up and charged the sword collected and made air spin around it tripling the attack power as I brought it on the dragons side.  A roar shook the cavern and shot all three of us away from the dragon, as its rich red blood rushed from the wound I had dealt it. I had my doubts that that attack would work on a magical creature like a dragon because they were a source of powerful magic. It darted forwards trying to exit the cavern.

The elf took full advantage and sliced at its right wing joints, hoping to disable its flight. A large crashing noise was made as it went through part of cavern ceiling to escape. The elf and I gave chase, quickly noticing the Halfling was nowhere to be seen. Outside of the cave, we saw our short friend struggling to stay on the back of the dragon which was doing its best to knock him off. The dragon was in in flight but it was favouring its left wing for obvious reasons.  The Halfing was attempting to stab it in the back but as he tried his sword didn't even puncture its strong scales, he lost grip of his dagger, and the dragon's back. The elf jumped forth in attempt to catch him. Something that surprised me but I paid little attention as the dragon dived down towards us with its mouth open and a fire ball at the ready. I chased after Sigurd, sword raised allowing more wind to gather around it, the sword began to glow as it was charged with magic.

"Allow the four agents of direction to give thee a shield of invincibility. Allow my blade of Zaen to service such a demand!"  I mumbled the enchantment under my breath jumping over Sigurd  swinging the blade against the ball of fire. The wind quickly turned on fire but stopped the attack completely. The dragon roared irritably swooping around us.  Sigurd had caught the Halfling who was now shouting at him in anger. The dragon landed fifty feet ahead of us. The three of us were tiring, but it was obvious the dragon still had lots of energy, but something told me this dragon was not exactly the healthiest of dragons. Most of their kind would have had them roasted now. It had only used its firey breath twice. I had a firm belief this dragon wanted to die, but wanted to die honourably in battle.

"Great Dragon, my name is Neradin Bane! I have lived in this place for a considerable amount of time, for I am an immortal. I think since both of us share hieritage of a long gone  ancient world. I wish to know your name, and how old you are before we continue this battle!"

The End

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