Told you so...Mature

I didn't say anything, but I agreed with the elf. As happy as I was proving that my dragon existed, the prospect of fighting one was daunting. I assessed our group, starting with the elf.

I hadn't seen him in combat for more than a few seconds, but what I did see what reassuring. He was good with a bow, a characteristic that says "Elf" more than the pointed ears. He was handy with his elven blades, which would come in handy against the dragon as his scales would deflect Sigurd's flying death.

Neradin. He was a complete mystery to me. I hadn't seen him fight at all, but I had heard an account of his battle with the wizard and dwarves. I had observed the dwarves in a sparring duel against each other, and although they put on an air of comical stupidity, it was clear they were fighters. Yet Neradin had fought not only them but the wizard as well. His ability to take a good deal of damage would also be of use in the fight I suspected.

Then there was me. I can't really provide an accurate account of mine own abilities because I fear I would... over-represent myself. I know what I have done, I know what I have been trained to do. All I can hope is that my training shows itself on the field of battle.

The dragon's footsteps had disappeared, but it was clear where he had went. A cave loomed in the distance. A distance not far or treacherous, but not simple fields or plains. We had to stop and set up camp once on the way across, but the next morning we prepared ourselves. The time was near. We approached the cave entrance warily and stopped as we entered. I peered into the darkness and caught the glimmers and glints of sunlight playing off of gleaming, metal, treasure. I strained my hearing and could pick up the sound of heavy breathing. I looked at each of my comrades in turn and nodded. The dragon was here.

We crept in. Slowly making our way closer and closer. Then there was the clinking of coins and other objects being flung away as the dragon raised its head.It's deep voice rumbled and reverberated off the cave walls.

"Greetings halfling. We meet again at last."

I looked at Sigurd and said "I told you so."

The End

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