Sundering of DarknessMature

-Village of Yorvunstead (15 miles from Northrend)-

The door to the Evergreen Tavern opened quickly as the group of five cloaked figures entered the spacious and inviting warmth of the large fire crackling merrily in the fire-pit in the middle of the room. A few patrons grumbled for a few seconds as the cold winter’s chill swept into the tavern but was cut off as the door quickly closed. One of the members of the group looked over the busy tavern and found a man waving towards him. The cloaked man nodded in his direction and led to group over to the large table.

As they approached, one of those seated at the table stood and greeted one of the cloaked figures, “Lord Charmuth, it’s good to see you again.”

Charmuth nodded as he and the others sat down, “It’s good to see you as well, Avurela, and the rest of you.” Charmuth took a mental tally of those seated and found there to be thirteen, including himself, present.

“When I heard that there was a fight to be had, I just couldn’t resist coming.” Dorvund said. His dark blue eyes reflected the firelight menacingly, reflecting the rage and power that lay within the young dragon.

“Indeed, when you said that Northrend was going to be razed to the ground, I couldn’t resist.” Svirna commented. She had been driven from the town when she was a young dragon when the town rallied together and killed her parents and she had always wanted revenge.

“Whatever our reasons for coming here, my brothers and sisters, are, we need to proceed with the planning of the assault.” Charmuth noted, “Now, this attack isn’t going to be like the sieges that we’re used to in the past. We don’t have a massive army assisting us,”

“Ah, but we have all of us,” Kvoyr pointed out. He sat next to his brother, Byor, and was one of the only known pairs of twin dragons in history. They were a dangerous pair together and it was said that nothing could stop them when they fought side-by-side.

Charmuth nodded, “True, we do and there-in lays our advantage; the humans will not be suspecting an attack from a dragon, much less thirteen dragons. Yet we still need to strike quickly and forcefully unless we give the enemy time to gather together.”

“So what do you propose Lord Charmuth?” Elvaron asked.

“I propose this: We strike the city in three different places as to instill confusion and terror in the enemy. Avurela, you’ll take Pyrnix and Elvaron and will assault the market district, a lot of the population frequents that part of the city around the time we will strike so much of the city will be thrown into chaos. Medith, you’ll take Zyprigla and Svirna and will attack the garrison of troops in the eastern part of the city. And finally, Sirananth, you’ll take Kvoyr, Byor and Dorvund and will strike up the center of Northrend towards the city’s keep. Once the others clear their sectors they’ll join you and we’ll assault the keep together as one; any questions?”

Peli raised his hand slightly, “What about Yzolef and myself?”

“You’ll stay with me and we’ll support the others if they need it.” Charmuth told him. He then paused awaiting any-other questions; when none came he pressed on, “Good, we’ll begin the assault tomorrow but first, some rest. Meet here tomorrow morning at dawn-break.” The assembled dragons stood up and dispersed towards their rooms, which were prepared for them. All except for Sirananth.

“Sirananth? What troubles you?” Charmuth asked as he regarded one of his most trusted advisors.

“Nothing troubles me about the attack Charmuth, I’m just trying to fight the impulse to charge in there at this very moment and do it myself.”

Charmuth chuckled softly and smiled, he had no doubt about the younger dragon’s power and skill and knew that it was indeed possible that he could do it by himself, “I know my friend, and I have the same impatience on this matter. I have waited many centuries for this chance and now that it is sitting right in-front of me I still have to wait just a moment longer. Do not worry brother, we will strike, and when we do, the humans will remember to fear the dragons as they once did.”

Sirananth looked at his long-time friend and mentor and grinned slightly, “Fear, fear is good.”

The End

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