Forestside ambushMature

Kaer Fore

Kaer lead the wizard and the dwarven twins along ahead of the refugees. The though of their meeting with the crazy demi immortal Neradin and parting ways with Racieus, and Sigurd. Who were replaced by Acaeb a human wizard who kept mostly to himself the whole time except for his outbursts against the dwarven twins Haldurin and Grumdig. Kaer could agree the two of them could be annoying with their pointless quarrelling but at the same time equally amusing.

"No Brother I will be the one that will cleave the next orc in half!" Grumdig scoffed.

"No not on those slow unmoving feet of yours, Brother! I will and not only that I will cleave the one after that into three!"

"Cleaving your enemy into three brother is just tall..."

"The two of you shutup your giving me a damned headache! The two of you are lucky I have not turned you into ashes!" Acaeb said his voice filled with a deep magical undertone. None of them were paying attention including Kaer who turned around with a slight smile trying to mediate tensions while ruffling the back of his hair with his left hand. 

"Acaeb, I hardly think that's a suitable way of treating..." Air whipped by his pointed ears instinctively forcing him to knock an arrow in place, and turn towards the direction the air had came from. Behind he heard a dull thump in a tree. An arrow? He thought he looked up the knoll were a grubby looking orc shrieked in plea causing an explosion of shrieks from all around.

"Ambush!" Kaer yelled letting his arrow loose and hitting the lone orc archer right between the eyes. I turned towards the bulk of the enemies letting three or four arrows off all of them hitting intended targets before bring out my sword as they got to close. The twins at this point had not cleaved any orcs in two or three for that matter but already had four orc carcasses at their feet.

"Ha brother I have three!"

"Oh wait until they come to me brother I will kill ten of them before you get to seven." The other retorted.

Kaer had parried off an attack and quickly ran his sword through his attacker and brought his attention to the next orc. All the while Aceab was firing off simple but strong spells that had neutralized or killed many of the enemies that appeared before him.  The four seemed invinceible to Kaer as he dispatched  a few more orcs, that's when he noticed the four orcs that were at Haldurin's and Grumdigs feet were gone. He parried off another blow, and then he noticed it. All the orcs he had killed were standing again.

"An orc Shaman?" He muttered stepping back while slicing four orcs that had surrounded him. Two of them went down, but moments later they wounds were healing,"Everyone watch out! there is an Orc Shaman somewhere!" He called out, while casting destruction spell at the group of four. Unlike most of the spells Kaer tried destruction spells worked out the best because most of the time his spells exploded anyways.

"That should keep them from getting back up for now." He mumbled. Turning around to see how the others were faring.  Acaeb casted a massive fire spell to destroy the oncoming orcs but now it was apparent the Orc Shaman was playing its hand by stopping the attack, irritating Acaeb quite a fare bit.  The twins had also noticed the shamans hand as the destroyed the same orcs over and over again.

"Grumdig allow me!" Haldurin Bellowed raising his axe high into the air and bringing it down as hard as he could that the orcs bones would have shattered.

"Its pointless we need to find the Shaman!" Acaeb said holding back a fire spell that had come from the forest.

Kaer closed his eyes remembering that all magic users couldn't hide their presence from other magic users because when using magic nature is warped around them and as long as one knew this they could worm out any nearby magic users. The feeling of magic, and nature being torn apart came from the forest directly above Grumdig and Haldurin.

"Dwarves get down!" Kaer cried firing off a deflective spell as a blast of flames went for the twins. The general area of where the twins exploded and bright light blinded the four travelers, sending both Acaeb and Kaer away from the dwarves.

The End

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