The First Step to GloryMature

The parties have been set forward not by choice, but by destiny. Kaer Fore, the Dwarf twins and the Human wizard Acaeb will travel with the refugees to the Elven city of Daerdun. Whilst Sigurd Villentious, Racieus and Neradin will hunt for the Dragon.


Racieus looked at the Elf. "I must say Sigurd, I am surprised by you joining my quest." Sigurd let out a soft laugh, he was laughing with and not at the Halfling.

"I joined you Comrad because if their is a Dragon, I will not let a Halfling be slaughtered, when I could have done my best to prevent it."

Racieus smiled. "You're getting to like me arn't you Elf?" Neradin chuckled at this remark. Sigurd sighed. "I enjoy your company as much as you enjoy mine." Racieus jogged in front of the small gang by about ten paces.

Sigurd stopped, and leaned on his staff before taking a drink. Racieus crouched. "Neradin, you would recognise a Dragon print in the mud wouldn't you?" Neradin nodded. "Then come and have a look at this." Sigurd raised his head out of curiosity.

Neradin strolled forward and leaned down. "Thats a Dragon print if I ever saw one." It was a the size of several hands put down together, with three large clawed appendages coming out from the main body of the prin. 

Racieus smiled and looked at Sigurd, who let out a sigh. "Halfling, I was half hoping that your Dragon did not exist. A Troll is one thing, but a Dragon could kill a thousand Trolls without even using its fiery breath."

Neradin looked at the little man. "I have to agree with the Elf friend, Dragons are the king of beasts. They are not easy to kill, or even hurt."

Racieus did not sound to pleased by the comments of his new allies. "Is this because of my height! I am fed up with jokes about my height! If a man can kill a dragon, I can kill a dragon!" Sigurd walked over to his friend. "It is not because of your height, it is because it is a Dragon. Yes, we have all heard the stories of Dragon slaying, but we do not hear the stories of the fools who failed... It is a challenge little man. But you are just as likely as to die as myself, and maybe not Neradin, for obvious reasons." Neradin half laughed.

They began walking in the direction the print indicated. The unlikely hunters of the King of Beasts, took there first steps, on the road to glory, with tension in the air.

The End

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