An Unlikely FriendshipMature

I had already decided that I liked this demimmortal. He was a fighter. He respected me. He saw what the elf didn't apparently. So I decided to see if I could recruit him. To my cause. I was noble and all, but this whole saving the world thing was taking second place right now.

"So you say that you exist to fight, is that correct?" I asked Neradin. He nodded. "Well then I have a proposition for you. Contrary to popular belief I have met a dragon." I said this last line with a glare at Sigurd. "I was wondering if you might perhaps join me on my quest to find and slay him." Sigurd sighed, but Neradin looked thoughtful. "This sounds like quite a journey halfling, but I think I would enjoy it immensely." I grinned and I'm sure my eyes lit up in anticipation. What happened next was a bit unexpected.

"I too will go with you halfling." My brow shot up. It was the elf. I looked at him hard for a moment to see if he was joking. He wasn't. Kaer however wasn't too happy. "What about our journey to the elven stronghold and beyond?" He looked upset, and rightly so. The wizard then spoke up, "I will join you half-elf. My last goal has been met. So at this point I am at a loss for anything important to do." This seemed to calm the half-elf down a little. A gruff voice belonging to one of the dwarves spoke up. "Will there be many orcs Master Half-Elf?" Kaer nodded "Most assuredly dwarf." THe twins hopped up grinning in anticipation and spoke together "We will join you then. For Blood and Glory!"

And just like that our parties changed. Two different goals awaited them, two different paths to tread. We set off, each group in it's own direction, but deep in my heart I felt that this would not be the last time we would meet.

The End

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