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"Before I got myself into this state, I was a human with a lust to fight, and this day I still search for an equal who can best me in a one on one fight." Neradin started before adding," You know my story is not all that interesting, its much like a chronicle of never ending fights."

"Well then at least tell us how you became Immortal." The Wizard said with interest which was very Ironic to Neradin.

"Well a very powerful wizard ruled much of these lands, long long ago. He was very capable of gathering supporters , and running an empire with his magic. At that time I was very accomplished warrior, and I was a well known bandit at the time. Very strange because we didn't steal anything but peoples lives. Some would pay us to cause a riot. But as time progressed I my skill had grown to the point I was facing strong military men. This soon lead me to challenge the ruling wizard who actually controlled more than Half of Halior with less government then it has now.  He declined so I killed all those who served under him, then we fought.  I have very little magical knowledge but I do know how to enchant my blade, and heal wounds. But nothing would prepare me for this. I had just managed to cut the wizard. This enraged him and threatened him. He stepped back and muttered a what would be classified in this day I believe class 20 spell." Neradin stopped as he saw the eyebrows raise on the wizards face.

He knew full well those spells were not easy to cast especially in the heat of battle.

"At that point I was very bloody, and this finished me off. The wizard told me that I had kept a human shape when he revived me."

"Why would someone do that?" The halfling said.

"To this day I am unsure, but if you ask me, he wanted to fight me again. He made me into a demi immortal so I could train to fight on equal terms with him again since he had destroyed much of my muscle and cut my connection with magic. He said he had put the same curse on himself so he could rule forever. The fool  never thought I could kill him. However in his defensive when I came back the people were very unhappy with his rule, and I had much help getting to the citadel, unlike before were most of my comrades had fallen."

"So after you killed him?" the half asked.

"I decided to disappear from the fabric of history, and only appear when they were people strong enough to fight. Because I have no further purpose. I could care less how you mortals run your lives. Death is undeniable fact, even for me, so why should I interfere in your little wars? However lately I have been feeling something is happening. Something strong is coming, and I will be there." Neradin smiled raising his blade over his head," And something tells me all of you are going to lead me there!"

The End

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