Really I did...Mature

"No seriously I met one!"

There was silence for a moment. Then every one, even the new arrivals start laughing. I was sick of no one taking me seriously. I decided to change it. In less than a second my daggers were out and flying. The elf's bowstring was severed, and the wizard lost his hat. The daggers in my sleeves were next. They flashed out, and the dawrves found themselves missing a braid each. Then my last pair, the daggers stashed in my boots, were in the air. One found it's way to the demimmortal's thigh, and the half-elf was suddenly beltless. The laughter abruptly changed to shocked silence. I stood, and drew my short sword, and issued my challenge.

"Does anyone wish to prove my skill?" I yelled. "It is obvious that you all doubt it. So allow me to put your doubts, and your lives if need be, to rest." The laughter stopped. Shocked silence reigned. No one moved.

Then Neradin stood, removed my dagger, and began to walk towards me. I smiled in anticipation. My senses were alert, ready for the slightest movement. The dagger flashed in Neradin's hand.

But not at me. It was still in his hand, but now he was holding the blade, offering me the hilt. I took it. There was approval in his eyes. I liked this man."I for one do not doubt your mettle halfling." He flashed a look at Sigurd, then walked over to his rock and sat back down. I retrieved my remaining daggers, then sat down to hear Neridan's story.

"So where was I?" he asked. Then his tale began.

The End

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