To DaerdunMature

Kaer was tightening supplies on the back of the caravan as the sun was sitting on the horizon, spreading a warm glow. Since the arrival of Racieus and Sigurd many spirits were lifted because of their prowess on the field. On some of their faces you could see the return of hope. This also lifted a heavy burden off of Kaer shoulders for he had taken the duty to fight, and I keep the people moving on their own two feet. They were almost ready to head to the strong hold of Daerdun which would be quite a ways through the hills of Azeran, hopefully they wouldn't run into any more enemy's but Kaer had a feeling that wasn't going to happen.

"Jaren, have you got everybody into posistion. Also do we have any more volunteers ready to take watch, and scouting?" Kaer asked an elderly man with an eye patch and a few dried up blood stains on his side. He wore a greyish brown cloak that had been tattered but underneath that was a deadly arsenal of Short swords and daggers embued with enchantments he had made himself.

"Yes, however we do not have enough men to make scouting teams."He replied, this information did not surprise Kaer at all.

"Put me on it then, Go find our new friends and put them on the same team. We'll be today’s team. "

"And if they say no?" 

"I don't think they will say no, but if they do I will give em a nasty curse. Don't tell them that of course." Kaer smiled jumping down from the caravan. 

" I doubt you could ever hit me with an effective curse!" Racieus said coming around the corner," Half Elf."

"Its Kaer my small friend, I have at least made an attempt to remember your name Racieus." Kaer smiled," Will you join me on scout duty?"

"Beats lazing around in the back." He yawned.

"And you Sigurd?" Kaer said seeing his feet dangling above him, as he sat on the caravan.

"Sure, although I would prefer it if the short one kept his mouth closed."

"Alright Jaren, we have our first team. If nobody volunteers start assigning. We're leaving now."


Later that day the sun was now at its highest point in the sky, and the three members of the scout team had found nothing just more rolling, grassy hills, they did not even find the slightest trace of Orcs. Kaer was by far the most quiet of the group seeing that Racieus tried his hardest to annoy Sigurd, as Sigurd made snide comments about the halflings height. Kaer was getting very bored of hearing it all when they reached the crest of the next hill and witnessed a group of two dwarves, and a wizard fighting a lone man with a sword on the hill opposite of them. The man was on the defensive but still seemed to be taking quite a lot of damage but his strength was unwavering.

Kaer and his two companions rushed over and made just as the lone man had a sword thrown from the wizards hand, which caught his sword and, he yelled and dropped his own sword. He removed the blade, and smiled in a crazed manor.

"You three have skill." He said.

The had not noticed Kaer, and Racieus who were standing a safe distance away from the man with the crazed smile.

"You. You must be some kind of Demimmortal. To have taken wounds like those... who areyou. What made you like this? And more importantly whose side are you on?"

The man sighed and sat down. "My story? My story. It is a long one... but one I suppose you have earned."

"I am Neradin Bane."

" Others have arrived." The Wizard said pointing towards the three adventures.

"Yeah I know they were coming, behind them their is about 500 more. I doubt their intentions are any worse than mine." Neradin said.

"We mean no harm." Kaer said walking steadily towards them," We came here out of concern."

"No need, I have no wish to kill these men, they are strong, and in these days it seems we need more people like them." Neradin said standing up," Actaully out of curiosity what is going these days? Since when did these monsters leave their cowardice in the caves they dwell and face the allied nations, and actually win?" None of them had a serious answer to the immortal. Who was now tending to his wounds with an ancient healing magic.

"I would say its because of dragons." Racieus started catching every bodies attentions.

"Not this again." Sigurd laughed.

"No seriously I met one!" Racieus yelled.

The End

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