Meeting of the DarknessMature

Sirananth landed near the meeting place of the council and quickly transformed from his dragon form to his human form, opened the huge doors and strode into the hall. He was greeted by a large roaring fire, a long oaken table filled with foodstuffs and by the sight of four others.

"Sirananth, I didn't think that you would be joining us tonight." Charmuth Night-Fury greeted from the head of the table.

"When the council is conveined and when there is the possiblity of vengance against the humans, I will answer." Sirananth answered. Charmuth nodded and gestured towards an open seat near the middle of the table. Sirananth walked over to the proferred seat and sat down quickly.

"Revenge against humans I can understand Sirananth, but what about the dwarves and the elves? If we fight against them, will you simlpy stop and turn around?" Prei Wing-Shear, the youngest dragon there, asked. Her attention for detail was renound and the council always listened to his input.

"Indeed my main goal is striking at that humans for their sins, but I see the elves and dwarves as... incentive." He replied.

"Whatever our reasons for being here happen to be, this council is interfering with my studies and if we have no plan of action, I feel no reason for staying here." Yzolef Memorykeeper said. His knowlege was vast and unchallenged and he was notorious for ignoring entire council meetings just to review a small section of some ancient tome.

"Ah but there is a plan, Yzolef if you will be so kind as to wait just a moment longer." Charmuth told him. He stood and gathered his thoughts before speaking. "In the great Dragon War where we sat on the precipice of victory and an empire ruled by dragons, we were foiled by the disappearance of our leader, Kelpresh Dark-Wing."

"We all know this as many of us had the pleasure of serving beside him in that conflict. What do disapearances of the past have to do with the present situation?" Midith Storm-Render asked quickly.

Charmuth stared at her and she fell silent, " I was getting to that young Midith. You see, I had the fortune of... meeting a wizard who teaches at the College of Magyka in Starfel and through a very... animated discussion, I found the whereabouts of Kelpresh." The others sat in quiet wonder at this news and waited quietly, an amazing feat, for more, "You see, the magister lords of the time found a device that could trap anything placed before it inside. It was called the 'Zero Point' prison. They lured Kelpresh to the College and then trapped him inside. Over the next few months, while we battled on trying to carry on with the fight, they moved him from the College, to the keep at Northrend, where he sits under many enchantments and a large protection force."

"And it's there that we shall strike," Prei noted.

Charmuth nodded his assent, "Indeed, so we now have an object before us: Retrieve our fallen leader and claim our victory that has been waiting for so long."

The council fell silent at this and into quiet contemplation. They all knew what was at stake, if they succeeded here, they could ensure their victory, but fail, and their years of planning would be for naught. And even so, one question pervailed their thoughts.

"When will we attack?" Sirananth asked quietly.

Charmuth turned to face Sirananth and smiled humorlessly, how fast, young Sirananth, can you fly?"

The End

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