Friend? Foe? Or Neither?Mature

It didn't take long.

See as a wizard, I can make things go boom. I raised my staff and pointed it a Ruth'Rak. He ran towards me drawing a cruel looking scimitar. With one hand still holding my staff, I reached into my satchel, grabbed some pixie dust, and threw it into the air. I murmured a quick incantation, and the pixie dust began to buzz, then it grew black, then it turned into killer wasps. They fell upon Ruth'Rak who began to scream. I paused a moment to let him suffer, and then I spoke "Luthryk."


I left the smoking ruin that was once Ruth'Rak behind me and began to head back towards camp. I hadn' t gone far when the two dwarves who had crossed my wards earlier came down the hill. They stopped when they saw me, and exchanged a few words. They then continue towards me. They stopped a few feet in front of me.

One of the dwarves smiled and asked "You aren't a volcano are you?" His brother doubled over in laughter, but I was unmoved. When the laughter stopped I rose an eyebrow at them and said "Who are you and what business brings you hence?" The first dwarf said "I am Haldurin." his brother continued "And I am called Grumdig I spoke "I am known as Acaeb.  I am here on... personal business." Grumdig looked about to say something when another explosion rocked the hillside. My head snapped towards it as I'm sure the dwarves' did as well. The two brothers looked at each other smiles spreading across their faces. The looked over at me. I sighed, but a slow smile spread across my face as well. I couldn't help it, there was something about these dwarves that I couldn't help but like. They took off and I kept pace with them easily. For an old man I have kept myself in good shape.

We climbed another hill and at the top we found a single man. He had a sword. He smiled and said "Hello there. I was hoping you'd come." He unshouldered his giant blade and said no more. He didn't need to. The dwarves rushed him at the same time. I pointed my staff at the man and uttered "fuegir" A lance of fire shot out of it. The man didn't even blink, jumped over the dwarves and swing his sword at my bolt, batting it away with little effort. I expected as much. I reached into my bag and threw out a handful of pixie dust. "Firzure." The dust clotted together into large chunks, and began to glow. The man tried to twist out of the way but was cuaght by a few of the embers. He let out a grunt but otherwise seemed unaffected. The dwarves closed in one sweeping high, the other cutting low. What I saw was nothing other than amazing. He leapt into the air and pushed off of the uppermost axe blade. He landed and came running at me. I released the hidden blade in my staff and swung up to meet his. clang! I twisted my blade attempting to keep the man in a lock. We grunted and circled each other, each trying to gain an advantage.

My chance came. I pushed away his blade with a flick and reversed my staff so the the top end was pointed into his gut. "Electeus" Lightning flashed from my staff and hit the man square in the stomach. He was thrown backward just as the dwarves came around with flashing axe-heads. Their aim was true. Both blades took him the chest.The dwarves pulled their blades out and turned to me grins flashing on their faces, which meant they didn't see what I saw.

The man still lived. He stood and raised his sword. There was no time to shout, only to act. Quick as a flash, the blade in my sleeve was in my hand. I threw it, years of practice and reflex guiding my aim. The blade flew straight and true into the man's hand. He yelled and dropped his sword as the dwarves spun amazement on their faces. But then something even more unexpected happened.

The man started laughing. He pulled the blade out of his hand with a squelch and let it drop. "You three have skill." I looked at the man and said "You. You must be some kind of Demimmortal. To have taken wounds like those... who are you. What made you like this? And more importantly whose side are you on?"

The man sighed and sat down. "My story? My story. It is a long one... but one I suppose you have earned."

"I am Neradin Bane."

The End

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