The Elven HillsMature

Grumdig and Haldurin through insults at each other for the following hour. During that time they made it through the forest, and into a clearing which had some kind of camp in it. They continued on through it as it was fairly run down anyway.

The edge of the forest was like a border. After it was fields of lucious grasslands. Grumdig sighed. "Brother, I miss the mines. These fields... They are to bright and open. Give me a cave anyday!" Haldurin turned to look straight into his twins eyes. "We can never go back Brother. Not without having killed a hundred thousand Orcs!" With Haldurins latest comment, Grumdig let out a motivated cheer. "Aye. A hundred thousand."

A terrible scream echoed from the hills to the East. The twins shared a look of interest, and confusion. Then they broke into a full Dwarven sprint, which is surprisingly fast. They covered the distance to the top of the first green hill in no time at all. Grumdig leaned on his duel ended axe. Let out a sigh and said. "I think their is a fight brother." The smoke was growing out over the far hill. "That is indeed what is happening. The birth of the war in Elven lands perhaps." Haldurin grinned at the thought of a larger war. It meant more to kill...

The twins took off once more. They charged down the hill at full tilt. Nothing would stop them now. Dwarves running were .....

Grumdig tripped. He fell into a full on forward roll. Haldurin smiled. Grumdig tumbled and continued down to the hills base. Haldurin jogged up to his side, laughing. "In true Dwarven fashion my twin..."

Haldurin was interupted. A massive explosion erupted from beyond the hill. Fire rained down in the valley. "What in the name of Dwarves was that!" Grumdig replied. "I am willing to bet, its either a Wizard, or a volcano. Let us hope for the latter..."

They made it over the smoldering hill. And standing alone in the turmoil, was a man. A single man. Grumdig turned to his Brother. "How much did you bet?" Haldurin replied. "I bet nothing." "No, no. You definitly bet something, I never forget a bet..... I believe it was that nice shiney helmet of yours." Haldurin laughed. "Nice try Brother."

The man stood tall. The Dwarves cautiously walked in his direction. Weapons at the ready.

The End

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