Neradin BaneMature

"Interesting, very interesting." Neradin said to himself sitting atop a mountain over looking a battle ," Do you think I should interfere?" He turned his blade which he had stabbed into the rock beside him.

"Perhaps not, I think their isn't anyone interesting down there worth fighting." He grunted," I miss the days when the Shadows were around, I haven't fought like that in a long term I miss it." He whined lifting his sword out of the ground and placing it on his back.  He slid down a the steep slope towards the battle which was over as soon as he got there. This mattered little to Neradin because there three people that caught his interest while he had watched from above, a Wizard and two, Dwarves. The Wizard was exceptionally powerful, and the two Dwarves seem to be strong enough to handle themselves perfectly fine in situation of being surrounded by orcs.  He was thinking of taking the three of them on casually, maybe asking them about these growing orc mobs, and mobilization of these monsters.

Neradin had a little bit of a problem though, he knew the Wizard and the Dwarves had wondered off in different directions, so even if he found one of them he would be bored just taking on the one. The and Idea came across his mind he lifted his oversized sword above roared a roar that shook the ground. Wind seem to gather around his blade and he brought it down causing the earth to shake and a the earth to crack  around him.

"That should get their attention don't you think?" He shouldered his blade.

The End

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