The Birth of DarknessMature

I have forgotten my human name as it bears no consequence to me now. That part of me was years ago, many years ago, and now, now I am much more. I still remember when it all started, my descent, or ascension, into the darkness. It began with death, my family's death.

Orcs flew into my village one night and slaughtered everyone present except for me. I was cut badly and was bleeding from multiple wounds and was promptly left for dead in my house. I could only feel rage, despair and an increasing feel for revenge. The gods of my people had let this happen and were silent so I prayed to the only deities I could think of.

The Dragon Lords, and they responded.

I had my eyes closed as I prayed and when I opened them, I saw a sword, tip planted in the ground, and I felt drawn to it as if it was a part of me.  I blinked as I couldn't believe my luck, then took the sword in one of my shaking hands. I immediatly felt warm as a power entered my body and I saw the wounds closing around me. I now had the means to enact my revenge.

For two days I tracked the orc horde to their village and after so long of waiting, I struck and decimated the village and everything in it. I left nothing alive, not a single thing, including my former self as I felt like an entirely new being, one of power and respect and most importantly: fear.

As I stood in the middle of the village, with bodies laying all around, I roared a defiant and powerful challenge to the world that shook every fiber of my being and it wasn't until some time that I noticed that something was looking at me from the mountain face nearby.

A dragon, a real life, flesh and blood dragon.

I stared at the creature for a few moments and was surprised when it spoke my language in perfect, booming clarity;

'We have provided you with the tools for your revenge and now you are sated, we now ask for your part in this venture,' It said. I could see the power in its body and knew that if I attacked it that I would die needlessly so I listened, 'We ask, young one, for your servitude, that is all. In return for your loyalty, you will be given the power of the dragons.' It took me hardly any time at all before I replied that I would accept its offer.

The dragon stood stock still for minutes and I did as well, the wait was unbearable as I sat in anticipation for its move. After seemingly hours of wait, it spoke in a language that I didn't understand but I could feel its power in the air and in myself as it was spoken. I felt myself changing again but this time I felt myself growing larger and stronger in a quick and painful process. My eyes blinded with the increasing pain and all I wanted was for it to stop.

Just as the thought had crossed my mind for the ceasing of the pain, it indeed stopped and the dragon infront of me roared a deep powerful call. I sat there for a moment, then replied with my own roar and I noted, with surprise, that I had a similar one to his.

'Your voice, young one, is not the only thing that changed.' The dragon told me. I looked about and noticed with a start that I was a dragon myself. My skin had changed to that of a dark, deep black skin of scales and my leathery looking wings which I flexed for effect and found them deeply satisfying.

'Welcome, young one, to our family.' The dragon greeted me. I looked at him for a moment, then smiled a large toothy, malevolent grin. I felt no other way to properly greet my kin than to kill him, which I did easily by having the surprise and after I did I greeted the world by shouting my name in the language of the dragons which I now knew by heart.

My name was, and still is, Sirananth Dread-Wing and I am not, sated in my thirst.


The End

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