The Deviant DwarvesMature

Haldurin and Grumdig


The twins tustled their way through the forest. In a slow race with each other as to who could kill the first Orc. Grumdig held his elegant duel ended axe with both hands. Ready for anything. Haldurin was four steps to his brothers left, holding his favoured pair of axes. One in each hand, he, like his brother, was ready for a fight.

Grumdig held his axe in one hand and scratched his stubbly beard. Haldurin shot him a look of disgust and then erupted. "Why bother having such a horrible excuse for facial hair brother?" Grumdig through a sidewards glance in his twins direction. Grumdig let out a little snort and said. "At least I can hold my drink like a real Dwarf Brother!" Haldurin turned and made a half swing at his twin with his mighty axes. Something caught his eye behind Grumdig.

He froze, not out of fear, but sheer excitement. Haldurin loves a good fight. Grumdig noticed his brothers face change expression. He grinned himself and swivelled around on his left foot.

An Orc launched itself from the trees in front of the pair. Grumdig laughed in joy as his mighty battle axe swung and sliced the Orc in mid - air. It fell, not quite dead, but crippled. "Thats one brother!"

Haldurin answered quickly, but with action and not words. Two Orcs ran from the trees right for the Dwarf. He charged at them, and slid into a tackle like manouver. He held the axes on each side. Cutting the knees from the Orcs. They both fell. Haldurin smoothly stood back up, turned, and decapitated both Orcs before either could squeel for mercy. Grumdig looked slightly astounished. Haldurin let out a cry. "I am winning now brother!"

A war horn cried from the West. The brothers shared a look. Both already agreeing, without speaking a word, that they were going to the source of that sound. Grumdig stated. "I will win in the end Haldurin." Haldurin looked amused by this. "Even if i died brother, you would not be able to beat me. I am Haldurin, son of Lornicus, son of Berider. You cannot beat me."

Grumdig sighed. "Brother, we have the same lineage. Sometimes I swear, that I got all the intelligent genes..."

The End

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