Somber ThoughtsMature

"Are you prepared to die Racieus?"

I thought about the question as I drunk more of my flagon. Then I sat back and looked at Sigurd. "Does it matter?" He looked confused so I continued. "Does it matter if I am prepared to die or not? Death is not kind. Death is not indulgent. Death comes wether you are prepared or not." I paused a moment then went on, "So I guess elf, I would say no. I do not waste time preparing for death. I prepare to fight, and live." 

I don't expect my answer changed his view of me, but he did look at me a little differently. The table fell silent. Kaer seemed pleased, but thoughtful, as he gazed out the window. Then he spoke, "I will join you Sigurd." The elf nodded, he ahd expected the offer. "I am grateful for your assistance Kaer, but what of your people?" he asked nodding at the men at the other tables. The half-elf also nodded, he had thought about that as well. "My people elf? They are more your people than mine. Once we reach the stronghold of Daerdun I think they will be safe. Travel with us until there and I will join you, it isn't far." Sigurd smiled and stuck out his hand. Kaer took it and shook. "I will travel with you to the stronghold, it isn't too far out of my way."

Their hands returned to their owners and again the table was silent. This silence was different though. It was expectant. The others weren't looking at me but I knew what they were thinking. I sighed and asked "How heavy is your purse old one?" The elf laughed and replied "Heavy enough to fill the stomach of dragon small one." I smiled and said "I met a dragon once. He wanted to fight to me. I told him I would agree once he found more friends so he could even the sides a little." At this our whole table broke out into laughter again. "I too will travel with you elf. You need someone with a head on his shoulders no matter how high those shoulders stand."

And that was that. 

The End

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