The Old ElfMature

"Trickery! I see it now!  You mean to get me drunk so that I may tell you my secrets, my Elven secrets!" Sigurds reply was vicious and uncalled for. A distraught look briefly flashed across Kaers face. 

His response was well worded and he kept his composure well. "No you have the wrong idea Brother. I wish to know what my allies know, so that we may use it agianst the enemy." Sigurd patiently re - evaluated the situation. "Very well Kaer Fore. I will tell you what you must know, but no more." Kaer seemed somewhat pleased by the progress, and astounded at what a few tankards of mead can do.

Sigurd drained the last gallon of mead from his glass and took a deep, heavy, breath. "I do indeed know of the war Kaer. It worries me too. In my 1500 years, I have rarely seen such violence..."

Racieus interupted. "You're 1500 years old! Good God, you're ancient! And you slag my height,Old Elf!  Kaer shot a brutal glance at the Halfling. He got the idea that now was not the time to so rudely interupt.

The Old Elf continued. "I am not all knowing, despite my age. I cannot tell you or your men, what has started this. All I know is the Orcs are not as rigid as they once were when I was young. For an Elf mind you, I am not old. The Orcs were brutal creatures, fearless monsters. But now, it does not feel like an invasion, more like a violent, fear fueled retreat. You wanted to know what I am doing, I have been sent to find the catalyst for this war, and destroy it. No matter what."

Kaer casually asked a question as Sigurd signalled to the Barkeep that we wanted another drink. Red wine this time, not mead. "When you say 'No matter what', do you mean you are willing to die?"

The barkeep returned with a deep red wine, the Elf waited for it before responding. 

Sigurd sipped his wine, and calmly told the band of three.  "Yes. In war you must be prepared to die, I am prepared to give my body up for the Elves and live long in the afterlife. Are you prepared to die Racieus?"

The End

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