Tensions, and CelebrationMature

Kaer Fore

Racieus shrugged. "I do not need your respect Sigurd Vallentious. Where did you come from?" Sigurd replied, "I was about to ask you the same question, this is Elven land. And you are trespassing..."

"Sigurd have you not heard of the battles in the East?" Kaer broke in tightly holding his great sword's hilt in anger but his face appeared to be calm," Many of us have taken up homes in eleven lands against some of your peoples will but we have no where else to turn." Kaer said now losing his anger quickly and letting his hand slide off the hilt of his blade," The three of us are skilled fighters, and demand respect from each other, our comrades, and our enemies. In fact at this moment we should not be fighting among ourselves!" He said trying to calm tensions between the two warriors however this did not happen things seemed to get heated.

"I don't think you did anything all that incredible in the battle Half elf." Racieus turned on him.

" Who gave you the right to lecture anyone?" Sigurd said calmly seeming to twitch a nerve in Kaers skin.

"Because for days now I have lead my people from a far away village in the Halion mountains from these hoards of Orcs, and I will not stand a fight between civilized people especially aroun..." He  stopped  knowing that if were to continue he would upset the men who had very little to hold onto.

"That still doesn't tell me why you seem to assume control, your only a half elf, that means nothing here." Sigurd returned, Kaer grasped his blade, Sigurd did not directly call him a half breed but it sure felt that way.

"And he is telling us to cool it!" Racieus laughed.  Kaer turned his attention to the Halfing almost forgetting he was there, he gave the Halfing a threatening glare. He decided otherwise that after all that he said that drawing his own blade would be a poor way to assure authority for the second time his hand slide off.

"How about some mead, I think all of us here need a good drink. Isn't that right men?" Kaer asked. In return a large cheer from everyone around except Sigurd and Racieus,"Drink with us, we live another day!" Kaer invited again, both of them excepted the invitation gingerly. The three took a table together surprisingly but this is how Kaer wanted things to be. 

"I have told you why I am here and where I am from but the two of you have said very little about yourselves. What news have you heard about the war? Sigurd do you know what the elven council is up to? Is there anything from the Dwarves?" He asked the two after the three of them had drank a generous amount of mead.

The End

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