The Brutal Bonding of BrotherhoodMature

Sigurd looked almost bemused by the Halflings rough words. He sighed, and drew his bow, balancing one arrow on its delicate twine. He brought it back ready to fire. The halfling stood there, braced, and ready to dodge.

Sigurd released the arrow. It whistled through the blood stained air. The Halfling flawlessly timed his dodge. Sigurd smiled wickedly. He began to remove a second arrow from his quiver.

The Halfling let out a little laugh. Mocking me, Sigurd thought. He let the arrow in his hand fall back into place. Holding no more then his bow, he sprinted full speed at the Halfling.

The Halfling looked slightly confused. The Half Elf poised himself, just incase. When Sigurd was no closer then twenty feet, he leaped. The Halfling drew his dagger. Sigurd swung his bow when he was above the Halfling, catching him across his left shoulder. The Halfling went to respond by throwing the dagger deep into the Elves skull, but the Half Elf intervened. 

"Stop". The Half Elf glared at the full Elf, but not out of envy. "I am Kaer Fore". He nudged the Halfling gently on his forearm, "And I am Racieus".

Sigurd looked slightly confused. He responded, " I am Sigurd Vallentious, of the Elven Guard. You have got some skill Racieus, of the Halflings, but do not think that earns you my respect."

Racious shrugged. "I do not need your respect Sigurd Vallentious. Where did you come from?" Sigurd replied, "I was about to ask you the same question, this is Elven land. And you are trespassing..."

The End

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