The Cries of WarMature



I could smell it, it was that musty smell that clings to ones nostrils. My Elven helmet could not prevent me from coughing slightly. I could feel it now. The tense feeling when a battle rages near by.

It was then I heard the terrifying roar of a troll. My 6 foot long stick in one hand and my bow in the other I sprinted through the shadowed forest I was in. The sticks snapped beneath my Elven crafted shoes, as I glided toward the forest edge.

I quickly thanked the forge master for having the ability to make such light but strong armour.

I then emerged.  My Lord... I thought. The city was not how I left it at all. There were orcs on the ground not more then one hundred feet from me, covered in arrows. There was an over-whelming smell of fresh blood. I quickly decided I must get into the city. I must search for survivors.

I flung my bow over my shoulder, and twisted the top of my staff. There was a click. The 6 foot long stick folded out into two perfectly crafted Elven short swords. The blades flowed with Elven magic, a majestic blue lining ran along the diamond blades. It was awe inspiring. I held a battle stance.

I jogged forward, cautiously. My right foot landed in what appeared to be a pile of half destroyed orcs. Were these blown up? I shrugged off the orc blood from my boot and I was not more then forty feet from the city gate when I heared the moan of a troll. Did they manage to kill a troll? There are some skilled warriors in there  if they did... I slowly crept around the city gate. My body tensed, as if it was anticipating something terrible.

The trolls body now lay in front of me. Impressive. I did not have long to study the trolls corpse. A retreating band of orcs were running straight for me. There was only three, and I easily dispatched them with just four swings of my blades. There blood dripped from the tip of my Elven swords...

My eyes then fell upon the group the orcs were running from. A band of Elves, a half Elf and a Halfling. I let out a chuckle. Wow. Halflings are smaller then I remember...

The End

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