Battle in BaelMature

Kaer Fore

An Arrow hit the man standing in the guard tower without warning, he was dead before he hit the ground. Kaer's eyes widened in fear, how could they not see the enemy's advance on the small unprotected eleven village? Without hesitation he rung the bell loudly. Another arrow came from the air narrowly missing him. He took out his own bow, and knocked an arrow within seconds. The Sun was setting behind the Enemy but he could see they were halfway up the hill, he fired not aiming at any particular orc.

"Farkozia." He whispered the arrow glowed lighting up the darkness over the enemy, without warning the arrow exploded not an intended point of the spell but it still had a positive effect. He rang the bell a few more times to ensure the people to ready themselves.  Arrows volley of Arrows pelted his position on the post, he took cover, and closed his eyes. Visions of the Orcs killing his father and mother filled his head.

"No I won't die here!" He screamed opening his eyes and only to be blown forwards from some sort of spell. He rolled down the steps , but managed to ignore the pain as he got up. At the bottom of the watch tower men and women who had been brave enough to take up a sword had readied themselves. Their were probably a total of thirty of them ready to fight off the invading force and another twenty trying to evacuate the those who couldn't or wouldn't fight out.

"Kaer how many are there!" A woman asked running up beside him. 

" More then the eye could count but if I were to guess optimistically for us more then a hundred." He said , unsheathing the blade and waiting she bit her lip trying to say something she knew she didn't believe in, " I won't be dying tonight!" Kaer said strongly with an air of confidence none of them had heard in a long time. The gate forged from neighbouring trees, and bound together by eleven rope, jolted backwards violently.

"Is that a troll?" A younger man with so much fear in his voice that it made all of the doubt themselves.

"It doesn't matter in the end, if they have a troll they have a troll. If they don't then all the better for us. If they do then all I have to say is the bigger they are! The harder they fall!" Kaer said trying to inject some courage into the men who's resolve had died long ago. 

The gate was hit once again and collapsed and a troll crashed through its great ugly grey hulking body yelling with such a force that gust of wind was made. Kaer lept forwards slashing at the lowered  trolls face. The troll stepped back in pain squishing a couple unfortunate goblins that made thier advance to close to the trolls feet. With little time to spare, he said a minor enchantment, that hit the troll with enough force to knock it on its ass in its already unbalanced state.  It howled in pain as a weapons peirced its skin as it fell ontop of goblins and Orcs.

"Come on!" He yelled parrying a brash attack from an Orc that was twice his size, he slid back from the force, the Orc pulled his weapon readying a similar attack, he tried to side step the second attack but the Orc managed to turn his body in time to bring its axe down again. Kaer Barely managed to block this attack, he pushed the Orc back and sliced downwards across its torso.  The Orc fell but now Orcs and goblins were flooding in.

"Pull back!" A deep voice sounded from the rooftops behind them. Kaer completely agreed, they were losing serious ground here.

The End

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