Hero's of TeranoreMature

A fantasy story of a world that is slowly filling with dragons orcs goblins and other fantastical beasts.

In the beginning the Barbarians had little do with the affairs of the civilized south but when several  Dragons appear terrorizing and forcing the barbarians to move down south. The civilized south see it as an invasion and mounts a counter force which the barbarians quickly dispatch, and at the same time the barbarians see this as a declaration of war. A small brutal war breaks out, the barbarians manage to win it shaming the great southern nations. Fringes of orcs and goblins who have been suppressed by the military force of these nations see a weakness and crawl out of holes and caves which they have been hiding in. Halior the nation of humans is the first to meet the hordes in battle. In the beginning Halior is winning until the dragons arrive on the field the tables turn. Many long and desperate battles are lost the Dwarven an elf nations step into but by then Halior  is ready to fall as another stronger enemy arrives.

This enemy is an enemy from within the Great nations heart, a cult group of every race believe that if they could bring all races together to form a god like race. However this resulted in the creation of a being known as the Shadow, they have the best characteristics of every race, and have been compared to be strong as or stronger than a dragon within a humanoid form. However most leaders claim the appearance of the Shadow and the cult group called the Trimants to be only a rumour.  A month after the collection of the hordes and dragons. Halior falls, the Elves and Dwarves close their gates as Refugees off Halior flood in. The Dwarves believe they are safe deep in their mountains. The Elves vie for time, over thinking and responding slowly to the oncoming darkness.  The refugee's are left on fringes of elven and Dwarven lands, to weak to respond. Some believe that if they can settle and talk with the barbarians they might have a chance, but no one has the will to fight anymore.

As each day passes the days get darker, the elves claim to have an idea of who would be responsible and also claim that the hordes and the dragons are all under one banner ,but do nothing to stop it nor give out who they think is controlling these events. No one even knows what has happened to the Dwarves whether they are still safe in their mountains or trapped and cornered. The the hordes begin their advance on the elven border and the elves still have not made their move. It seems that darkness and chaos will soon reign supreme even if the elves decide to make a move.

The End

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