Grace: Olympus

After Sophia didn't kill Kyos I was somewhat in shock.  Then I thought about it, and realized that I couldn't have killed him either.  We kept him in our grip though, somebody found some unescapeable ropes that we tied him up with, then we called on the Gods.

We took Kyos with us to Olympus, where Athena met us.  She took Kyos away, then left us waiting for Zeus.  We stood there for what seemed like hours before he finally arrived.

"Sophia," he said, "you did the right thing back there.  Kyos has to be desposed of in a proper way, thank you." then he turned to Thalia, "Good stunt you pulled there my girl. However, I believe that your friends would appreciate if you don't do it again."  We all nodded furvently, it had caused us much stress.  "Astrid, you have taken on the role of a leader.  Your work is done for now, but be ready to be called on when the time comes." Astrid nodded, this time solemn.  "Melody, keep yourself and all around you in harmony.  Keep them strong."  "Pheobe, you are needed in Poseidens relm, if you will." Pheobe nodded and ran off Olympus.  Flare looked lost. "Flare, you will not be joining your water dwelling ancestors for some time, but when you do, it will be for a great cause."  Flare nodded. "Grace, you will be needed in the future.  Keep the bonds of friendship between the four of you strong.  When you are needed again you will not have time to rebuild your friendship.  You are the peacemaker, you are the friend.  Act like it." I nodded, then turned away, overwhelmed.

The End

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