Flare: Making a Splash

I made it to the site where we'd camped a few nights ago before I felt like I was finally going to have to give in to my fatigue.

The sea of monsters following me kept me going though, before I carelessly tripped over the burnt-out circle of rubble and wood that was our campfire just a while ago. I landed, sprawled out on my chest, on some hard-packed earth. The ground was trembling with the pounding of those countless monster feet on my trail.

For a moment I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting the tears that threatened to break through, and buried my head under my arms, quietly awaiting death and taking comfort in the knowledge that my friends were better than me, and wouldn't go down as easily as me, and would defeat Shadoe and Kyos without me.

A small, wet tear tickled the inside corner of left eye, and suddenly my brain snapped back into action, and I was living again. Water. Where were we? Right above the Golden Gate Bridge. And what was under that? WATER.

In a split second I was on my feet again, and I was staring downhill. I'd only ever called upon the powers of my ancestor, Poseidon, a handful of times, and even then they were small feats such as transporting a few litres of water from the sea to my dry sandcastle at the beach once, when the tide was out. That was nothing compared to my objective now though...

Still, it was my best chance. Within a few seconds, I'd managed to get a kind of mental grip on the water below, which was a start. The rumbling beneath my feet intensified, and I knew my time was slipping away. I could feel the water begin to give in to me, and I got a slow rhythm going, churning it around just slightly. It was going to take a whole lot more to get this job done.

And then a small but muscled creature launched itself at my back and sent me tumbling to the ground. I screamed and lost my control on the water, wriggling and trying to free myself. And then another monster, bigger and sporting a very bright gold sword, lunged out of the trees.

There was no use fighting. I couldn't do this. I was no use after all. Once I was dead, the monsters would retreat to the castle, and what if my friends were still in combat? They'd be right back to square one, but down one player.

Water, I think to myself. And this time I feel the water rise a lot higher. More power.

And then it rises even higher. Something else is pulling it. Someone else? At first I'm bewildered but then I realize Phoebe must have sensed the water was moving and figured out my plan. She was helping me!

The wave built up so high that I could see it clearly from where I lay. Until the point when I became buried in monsters, that is. They seem to be attacking me like some kind of rugby pile-up. I guess they were just following their instructions by following me, and were now unaware of what to do with me. 

And then I felt Phoebe's powers vanish from the air. And I realized the weight the monsters had put on me so far. My lungs seemed to be collapsing, and my stomach heaved uncontrollably.

Can't stop yet, I thought through the horrible pain. One last pull of the wave...

But then the tall, bulky creature drove his sword into the back of my right knee, and the pain was so sudden and intense, and the weight of the monsters so heavy, that I hadn't even time to scream before I black out.

Although a deafening "SPLASH!" did ring in my ears until I was deep into unconsciousness.

The End

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