Astrid: If You Don't Stand For Something, You'll Fall For Anything

I looked at Kyos. His black hair was swaying loosely over his bright, wickedly cruel golden eyes and his sword was hanging from is iron grip. He seemed unaffected by what was happening around him.

Thalia’s spear had left me weakened and jittery, but my focus had returned and now I was ready to bring Kyos down to his knees – to do what our ancestors did before us. Our eyes met. He smirked and said “What’s it feel like to be betrayed by your friend? Doesn’t it bother you?” I studied his somewhat gleeful expression and said coldly “No. Because Thalia never betrayed me.” I gestured over his shoulder to where Thalia was standing by Grace and Shadoe.

Kyos’s eyes flickered to Thalia and he seemed to falter ever so slightly. I took to opportunity to shoot an arrow at his heart, but his sword blade came up in an arch and the arrow clattered to the ground.

Kyos move in. he was fast, no doubt, but his sword was shorter in length, meaning he would have to get in close to use it to its potential. I drop my bow and drew Nox; the silver dagger gleamed in the lights of the Throne Room.

I jabbed, blocked and side-stepped. Kyos’s blade scraped my upper right thigh and lower left arm and blood soaked my jeans and shirt. I cursed and deflected his next strike. Kyos fought like the way some people play chess, like he was moving all the pieces and you couldn’t see the pattern until he made the final move and won with his sword at your throat.

I knocked away his over-head strike and went in for a quick stab, but Kyos switched directions and I was forced to back up. A loud crash sounded right behind Kyos, he turned and I charged. Kyos whirled to face me and slashed with his black sword but somehow I manage to catch the strike on my dagger hilt. I stepped in closer for leverage. Our blades crossed and I came face to face with the tyrant who was trying to kill everyone I loved and cared about.

“So,” he taunted “What do you plan on doing after you defeat me?” he cackled. I growled “Get on with my life, after I toss your severed head into a pool of lava!” I kicked his shin and he fell.

His sword skidded away. “What do you stand for Astrid? Surely Aria is just holding you back. Afraid you steal her spotlight?” He asked, and then he shrugged “Because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Faster than lightning, he lunged for his sword; he grabbed it and kicked my legs out from under me I fell hard on my bad shoulder and a stupidly let a gasp of pain leave my lips.

Kyos planted his boot on my arm and knelt to run to tip of his blade along my throat in an almost teasing manner. I spat at him, but he just chuckled “well, you have Aria’s spirit, I’ll give you that – but you don’t have her wisdom. Your strength. That’s all you have, but even strength has to bow to wisdom sometimes.” He purred in a seductive voice that made me want to gag.

I snarled and grabbed his wrist with my free hand. His skin was as cold as ice. He glanced at my hand around his wrist then pushed a little harder against my neck, drawing a little blood. I push back and my bad shoulder exploded in pain.

I cried out as he pushed harder, I dug my nails into his hand but he didn’t seem to notice them, his eyes narrowed. Suddenly he was yanked back violently by a girl with auburn hair. “Hey Kyos, having fun?” Aria voice was like ice daggers and dripped with sarcasm. I gasped, my lungs filling with the noxious air.

Aria looked at me, as she held Kyos by his ear. It was a pretty funny sight, especially since Kyos is about 3 inches taller than Aria. “You okay?” she asked, I nodded as Sophia helped me to my feet. “Where’s Flare?” I asked, looking around the empty Throne Room.

All the monsters had disappeared, but so had Flare. Grace shook her head morosely “she left with all the monsters, distracting them.” The blood drained from my face. Aria changed her grip on Kyos, grasping his arms behind his back, while Thalia took away his weapons and chucked them across the room.

Kyos’s piercing laugh echoed through the Throne Room. “Well, like I said – If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything… Looks like your friend already figured that out eh?”


The End

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