Grace: Shadoe is Not Cool

I was in full on combat with Shadoe, completely oblivious to everything around me.  I could here cries, but did not identify any of them, in fear of breaking my concentration.  I caught glimpses here and there, when I was at the right angle.  Kyos battling Astrid.  Sophia surrounded by monsters. Thalia battling Aria.  A small recognition flickered in my mind.  “she really has betrayed us.” then I put it aside and focused completly back on my struggle.

Shadoe had a flickering black sword that I could only see half the time.  It was almost like it wasn't a real substance, but just some sort of magical object.  I knew that that wasn't possible...there's no such thing as magic, even in the world of the Gods.  Why did I forget her??  The black sword had to be solid, I could block it, though it was quite hard.  I could never get far away enough to shoot a decent arrow, so I ended up using my bow as a "shield", and an arrow as a spear.  Shadoe seemed to be holding back, as though she was going to surprise me with something.  I wasn't going to let her surprise me.

I lunged at her, and she ran far enough away that I could knock an arrow and let it fly.  I began to knock it, but before I could let it go something happened.  I was in a flurry of...magic.  I was growing weaker, and I could feel Shadoe growing stronger. Yes...she surprised me.  She has magic.  How is this possible? I thought.  Then I remember Hecate, goddess of magic, and Cerce, Hecates daughter.  And Shadoe is Cerce's she has magic.  Great.  I'm going to die because I was being stupid and saying, "There's no such thing as magic." just like most mortals think.  I should've known better to think that.  I'm going to die of my own stupidity.

But then I was...snatched out of the mess.  I looked up to see Thalia holding me by the collar.

"Couldn't let Shadoe finish me off?"  I asked, trying to sound menacing, "just had to do it yourself?"  Thalia shrugged.

"I wouldn't say that exactly."  She spun me around to see Melody, Aria, Phoebe and Sophia surrounding Shadoe, and Astrid still battling Kyos.  "Lets go finish Shadoe off...Astrid seems to be dealing with Kyos well at the moment."  then she dropped me.  I kept my guard up. I didn't want to be deceived, they needed someone in their right mind if Thalia was putting up an act. 

But it didn't feel like she was...

The End

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