Sophia: Someone just saved my life

For a moment it felt as though Flare had made all of the monsters chase her, but it didn't quite work. I put my guard down for just one moment and BOOM I'm surrounded.  Before it would have been about 20, so it decreased by about half.  I'd say there were roughly 10.  I could barely handle I was panicking.  I stabbed one...but then 4 around me burst into flames.  Not cool.  Fire is not my friend. 

I killed off another couple, but I didn't dare go near the flaming ones.  They had reached out and burned me multiple times, my skin was blistering.  It felt like my life was draining out of me.  Then one of the flaming things grabbed me around the neck.  Before I knew it I was literally on fire!  It hurt like mad, and I couldn't understand.  Flare is the one that has ocean blood in her, why is fire doing this to me.  I nearly blacked out, and then, suddenly all the lights were out...and it was raining.  Inside the building. 

But the monster still had a death grip on me.  Even though I wasn't burning anymore, I was still suffocating.  It was just going to choke me to death.  I nearly blacked out for a second time, then the grip on my neck was released.  I turned around, and saw Thalia holding her sword above her head as though to strike.  I held my sword up to block, but fell to the ground.  I was at her mercy. She lowered her sword, and I cried,

"Please don't kill me!" 

"After I just saved your life??!!  Are you crazy?!"  I turned around to see Aria on the other side of me.  She nodded.  A plan within a plan. I thought.  Aria was right.

I turned to give Thalia a hug, but she pushed me away.

"No time for mushy loves.  We've got a battle to win.  Let's start with saving a girl right over there.  It looks like Shadoe's getting ready to pull a trick on our good friend Grace." 

The End

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