Flare: The Chase is On

All around came the clanking of metal, the cries of a battle. Monsters fell, defeated by my friends, but not at a quick enough rate.

Snapping to attention, I clipped away the sword of an enormous, ugly-faced monsters. Once my great spear knocked the sword from its grotesque hand, I split my weapon down the centre, a sword in each hand now, and lashed out while it stared blankly after its blade, confused. The sword in my left hand was driven straight through its bulging chest, and while its evidentally tiny brain focused in on that, I raised my right hand and swiped his fat head from its shoulders. Blood fountained from the stump of its neck as the body toppled to the floor.

It had to be done, I told myself, trying not to wretch in disgust and guilt, as I retrieved my first sword from the beast's bloody torso.

Once again, I took in the scene around me. Like I said, these things weren't dying off fast enough.  A sinking sensation told me that we didn't stand a chance against Kyos and Shadoe at this rate.

I heard a cry from just behind me, and spun around in time to see a tall, spindly creature fall flat on its face, its arm reaching toward me. I saw Melody a few metres back, in a confident stance, and holding her bow. And then I saw the arrow sticking out of the dead creature's back.

"Thank you," I said, though my voice was shaky with relief.

Melody stepped forward and pulled the arrow from the body, examined it briefly, and slipped it back into her quiver, blood and all, satisfied.

"There has to be something better I can do, Melody," I blurted out. "I'm not as quick to kill as the others. Surely there's another way I can help? Something more productive?"

"What did you have in mind?" asked Melody, breathless, wiping sweat and some blood from her face.

I looked around. "I don't know. But... There are so many of them." I looked back at her, a lightbulb switching on in my head, and her expression turned grim.

"Flare, you can't -"

"Why not? These monsters aren't smart. They're just doing what Kyos and Shadoe have told them to do."

Without another word to Melody, I sprinted to the door of the throneroom, paused there long enough to scream -

"Hey, you stupid ugly monsters! Demigod escaping! Go after her!!"

There was a moment of deafening silence as the combat paused. And then the pounding of feet as every single one of the monsters pounded toward me.

Don't fail me now, feet, I thought as I made like an arrow for the stairwell that would lead me back outside, hoping I wouldn't trip and become an easy snack for the army that was following me.

The End

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