Astrid: This Is The Time To Make Mistakes, You Know

Have you ever had an argument with your best friend? Said something mean but wasn’t sorry about it until you truly understood the damage it caused? I have. It made feel like a complete fool. But when I was fighting Thalia, it was more like friends becoming rivals then going back to been friends.

If I didn’t have Aria’s speed and precision, I doubted I would still be alive. Chaos and Anarchy washed through the throne room like a tsunami. Metal on metal, sword on shield. The sounds of combat filled the air and the pools of blood washed the floors.

It wasn’t hard to see why Thalia was the Leader. She was practically built for combat and her knowledge of warfare was un-matchable. She was everything. But seeing her like this made me only see the bad things with none of the good I’d come to respect.

I parried a strike from Thalia’s spear which sent electric shocks across my body, and backed away. Trying to catch my breath. Thalia on the other hand wasn’t even sweating. Thalia swung and I dodged. Then she feinted to the left with the tip of her spear and I jumped, straight up and over – but Thalia was expecting it and she swung around as I landed and kicked my feet out from under me.

I landed on my back with a thud. Thalia leaned on her spear, making no attempt to hold me in place or skewer me. “Why are you doing this?” I demanded. Thalia’s eyes gleaming like lightning flashing in the distance. “Why? Does there have to be a reason? I’m picking sides, simple as that. Kyos knows I can be swayed if you know how. He guessed I’d hold a grudge against Olympus for the whole “fading” fiasco and he was right.” She said with a sly smile.

Fury rolled over me. as fast as thought I lunged forward, aiming for Thalia’s heart with Nox, my silver dagger. Thalia just shifted her weight slightly and spun on her heel, I sailed past her and slid along the ground, Thalia’s spear hitting me in the back as she came back around.

“Just give it up.” Thalia said, rolling her eyes and I spat blood out of my mouth “Never.” I growled, charging her again. Thalia sidestepped, blocked and backed off. Before I could get in range again, Thalia threw her spear. The rosewood shaft glinted in the lights and impaled itself in the wall, yanking me back with it – my shirt hooked to the point.

My right shoulder exploded in blinding pain, spasms from the electricity in my arms and legs started and I collapsed, hanging slightly from the spear. Blood soaked my clothes. Thalia knelt by me and swatted my weapons away.

“Relax. Tempestas will stop if you’re calm. It always does.” I glared at her and yelled “I’m in a freaking WAR! How do you expect me to relax!?!?” Thalia shrugged “oh, I wouldn’t call this a war, this is nothing compared to the Titan War. Gods, that was bad.” I tried to push her away, but Thalia was like a rock, even when crouching “I’m not here for your Ancient History Lessons!” I shouted. Thalia sighed “Astrid, you are very bright and smart. You’re extremely perceptive as well. You need to use those skills if you’re going to see past the façade. Who is hiding something? What do you really know about Kyos and Shadoe? Us even?” asked Thalia

I glowered at her, my eyes narrowed. “Well, I know one thing,” I said “I’ll never make the mistake of trusting you again.” Thalia raised an eyebrow “Astrid, This is the time to make mistakes, you know.” She said

“Make Mistakes, and Learn from them. That’s how you win.”

The End

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