Grace: The Last Hope

I woke up in the morning refreshed and ready for whatever anybody might throw at us.  I saw that I was one of the last to rise, the only others sleeping were Sophia and Flare.  I joined the little "planning circle" that the others were having just as Aria was saying,

"Kay girls, I know this looks bad, but we can't let Flare and Sophia know that we're just as worried as they are.  The only thing that's going to keep them going is to make them think that Thalia has an plan within her 'betrayal'.  I know that we don't know if it's true, but we have to think that it is."  she looked at Astrid, who was technically supposed to be in charge, even though Thalia acted as though she was.  Astrid nodded,

"Aria's right.  We have to keep up hope that she hasn't actually betrayed us.  If she has, we're in deep trouble, if not, we're just as good off as we were when we got here." 

"But it seems kinda unlikely that they would have caught us that quickly without getting inside our plans."  I piped in.  Astrid looked at me, almost glared, but not quite,

"Like Aria said, we have to think that she has a plan within.  If we don't then we won't fight as good.  I know this for a fact."  I nodded, as did everyone else, then we heard someone coming.  Astrid waved her arms and we went back to our places in the room, Melody and Astrid by me, Melody braiding my hair.  The cell opened to revealed 8 guards.  As we filed in we saw that each was more hideous then the next.  The pulled us to our feet without speaking a word and led us out of the cell.  

They led us to the same room as the night before, where we were met by Kyos and Thalia standing side by side. 

" and so we did, because all of us heard her breath on the air, telling us to wait. 

 And then, with a bang someone entered.  We all turned to see Shadoe walking up the hall behind us, the door swinging on it's hinges. 
"Glad you could join us." Kyos said.  Shodoe nodded, an evil glare in her eye.  Kyos made a motion with his hand and every human and monster charged towards us, Thalia included. 

Our weapons were standing on a table at the other end of the room.  As soon as they charged Astrid and Aria sprinted towards it, slipping through the arms of the monsters.  The rest of us separated, each one of us having the final destination of the table near them.  Just as Astrid and Aria reached the table, I came withing throwing span, and Melody was just behind me, about the same distance as I was away from the other two.  The rest lined up in the same intervals behind Melody.  Astrid and Aria began throwing me weapons.  First Flare's spear, since she was at the end.  Just as it reached her a monster came barreling in, and she was in full combat.  The same happened when Sophia's sword reached her.  As they threw Phoebe's dagger towards me it was nearly intercepted.  When I threw it at Melody it was. Phoebe raced after the half-blood who had it.  They sent Melody's dagger and bow next, but the arrows did not reach her before she was in full combat.  So I slung them over my shoulder, along with my sheath of arrows.  I strung an arrow and turned to shoot the first enemy that my eyes fell on.  Kyos.  But I ran the opposite direction from him, aiming my arrow carefully, and then releasing.  I missed, of course.  I turned as I grabbed another arrow, just to see that Astrid and Thalia were in full-on combat.  But I wouldn't let myself get distracted.  I turned back around and aimed another arrow, hitting a random enemy.  I swung around, hoping to be able to help one of my friends.  I saw that Astrid and Thalia were actually fighting over their weapons.  Thalia had rushed to the table as soon as Aria had left, leaving only Astrid.  They were struggling for control over both Astrid's dagger and Thalia's spear, one in each hand.  Thank goodness Astrid got her bow. I thought, knowing that the bow was her strength.  Just as I thought that, Thalia wrenched both weapons out of Astrid's hands and thrust, Astrid dodged.  I could see that they were speaking to each other.  I wondered what they were talking about...

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone charging.  I lifted my bow just in time to deflect the blow, but didn't have enough time to string an arrow.  I dodged and ran, all the time trying to string one to shoot at my opponent.  The problem was that she was quick and nimble.  I never saw her face, but I could see from her clothing that it was Shadoe. 

The battle was fierce.  I didn't have time to watch my companions any more.  Soldiers were falling every minute, but I couldn't tell if it was my friends or my enemies.  I prayed that it wasn't my friends.  If my friends fell I would be living miserably.  If I survived and they fell.  I prayed that they wouldn't fall. I prayed this with every arrow that I strung.  My target was still Shadoe, who was circling me, lunging at every moment that she could.  I was surprised at how long I was lasting.

The End

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