Flare: Left In The Dark

"We should never have trusted Thalia." I was pacing over and back in the cell, speaking to Sophia, who was the only other one awake.

"We have to hope she's doing this for us, Flare," she said quietly.

I stopped in front of her and whispered back; "Even so! She's left us in the dark, Soph. I mean, we don't even know if we're going to live through the night!"

Sophia dropped her head and in the dim light I saw a glimmer of hopelessness in her eyes. She couldn't deny that I was right.

I started to pace again. "This Kyos guy is bad news. I don't care what kind of link Thalia's got to him, but he's the dodgiest guy I've ever come across. I just hope he hasn't led her down some dark path."

"If Kyos is the way down a dark path," came a whisper from the darkness, "then there's a much darker highway ahead of us."

Aria had sat up in the darkness, and was staring at me.

"If Thalia's betrayed us, we've got a whole lot worse than Kyos to deal with."

I stopped pacing again. "What do you mean?"

She shrugged coolly. "Either we'll find out tomorrow, or we'll be lucky enough not to." She dropped her head and stretched out again. "Lie down, Flare. You too, Sophie. Sleep. You'll want to be fresh and energetic if you're going to fight for your lives tomorrow."

The End

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